“Without EDA, IC design companies around the world will be shut down.”

Although the output value is small in the semiconductor field, the importance of EDA is extremely prominent. Industry insiders believe that compared with the supply of lithography machines (and other equipment) in the field of wafer foundry, the lack of ability of China’s chip industry in EDA design software may become a more fatal weakness.

At present, nearly 80% of the EDA market is occupied by American enterprises, mainly including Synopsys, cadence design systems and mentor graphics. After the United States put pressure on Huawei, these three giants stopped cooperating with Huawei.

In this context, China launched the “semiconductor domestic movement”, and China’s local EDA enterprises began to emerge. In recent years, domestic EDA enterprises have been widely favored by investors, and more and more new enterprises have ushered in rare development opportunities. Of course, it should also be noted that the gap between domestic EDA enterprises and the three foreign giants is still large, and the localization of EDA has a long way to go. Therefore, in 5g industry era, the general situation and the latest trends of EDA enterprises at home and abroad are summarized.

Three foreign giants


Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Synopsys is the world’s leading provider of EDA solutions and chip interface IP. It is also a leading enterprise in information security and software quality. It provides advanced IC design and verification platform for the global electronic market, focuses on the development of complex system on chip (SOC), and also provides IP and design services to help customers Customers simplify the design process and improve the speed of product launch.

Survey and latest development of EDA enterprises at home and abroad

Currently, Synopsys has more than 14800 employees in 132 branches around the world. In fy2019, the company has a turnover of over US $3.3 billion and more than 3300 approved patents. Since the establishment of Xinsi technology in China in 1995, Xinsi technology has set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Macao, with more than 1300 employees. It has established a sound technology research and development and support service system.

Cadence design systems

Cadence design systems is a leading provider of EDA and IP in the world, which was merged by sdassystems and ECAD in 1988. Its intelligent design solutions cover the whole process of IC design, including system level design, functional verification, IC synthesis and layout, analog / mixed signal and RF IC design, full custom IC design, IC physical verification and PCB design Design and hardware simulation modeling.

In 1992, Cadence entered the Chinese mainland market. So far, it has a large number of integrated circuit (IC) and system level design customer groups. It has established Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen branch, Beijing R & D center, Shanghai R & D center, and set up Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai in 2008. Beijing R & D center is mainly responsible for the US headquarters EDA software R & D tasks, and strive to provide users with suitable design tools and whole process services. Cadence has a technical support team in China, providing technical support from system hardware and software simulation, digital front-end and back-end and low-power design, digital analog hybrid RF front-end simulation and DFM, back-end physical verification, SIP packaging and PCB design.


Founded in April 1981 in mentorville, USA. Mentorgraphics’ software includes many kinds of electronic products, such as flowtherm, flowefd, Flowmaster, which are widely used in the field of heat dissipation. It plays a key role in the field of thermal design. In addition to EDA tools, it also has many products of automotive electronics manufacturers, including embedded software.

In 2016, Siemens acquired mentorgraphics with us $4.5 billion and merged into Siemens digital industrial software department. After the merger, it was called mentor, asimensbusiness. This acquisition enables mentor to provide the most comprehensive design tool portfolio from design to manufacturing, including electronic design, electronic interconnection, mechanical simulation and testing solutions, mechanical product engineering, manufacturing engineering, manufacturing execution system, life cycle collaboration, cloud application services, etc. At present, mentor’s revenue is rising, with CAE and physical design and verification achieving a share growth from 17.8% to 19.6%. After the acquisition of mentor, Siemens acquired EDA companies such as solido, Comsa and ultrasoc, and merged the product line into mentor, making mentor’s product line more comprehensive.

Domestic enterprises

Huada Jiutian

Founded in 2009, Huada Jiutian, formerly known as the EDA Department of Huada group, is the “national team” in EDA field and the supporting unit of National Engineering Research Center for large scale integrated circuit CAD. Its products include analog design full process EDA system, digital design analysis optimization EDA system, display panel design (FPD) full process EDA system and high-speed interface IP library.

At present, Huada Jiutian has won such important customers as pingtouge, Huawei Hisilicon, Ziguang zhanrui, ZTE micro, BOE, etc., and has served about 400 customers around the world. In January 2018, Huada Jiutian received a financing of RMB 100 million, led by Shenzhen Zhongguo Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., followed by Shenzhen innovation investment group and China Electronics; in September 2018, Huada Jiutian announced the completion of a new round of financing led by the national integrated circuit industry investment fund. In May 2020, Huada Jiutian announced that relying on its EDA software platform RDA and development resources, it will officially launch one-stop wafer manufacturing engineering service.

Guowei group

At present, there are many EDA manufacturers under China micro group, among which Shanghai silxin company is a service provider of EDA tool R & D, sales and design based on FPGA large-scale rapid prototyping verification and simulation system. At present, there are more than 400 customers and more than 2000 sets of prototype verification systems applied to customers’ design, and the simulation verification system of 420 FPGA arrays based on cloud service is in service Shanghai guoweixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and design services of EDA.

In addition, Shenzhen Hongxin micro nano technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2018, is a company of EDA Back-end Design Software R & D which is jointly owned and managed by China micro group. It mainly researches and develops layout and wiring tools and completes the technical deployment of key nodes of digital integrated circuit EDA platform. In the future, China micro group will be committed to building a full process domestic EDA platform.

Jiutongfang Microelectronics

Founded in 2011, jiutongfang microelectronics is a supplier of integrated circuit design tools, providing quality services for global IC design. At present, jiutongfang microelectronics can provide complete IC process design tools, forming the whole process simulation capabilities of IC design, including IC circuit design, circuit principle simulation (VLSI IC circuit, RF circuit) and 3D electromagnetic field full wave simulation. By the end of 2020, KMF Microelectronics will be invested by Huawei.

In fact, there is another “trump card” behind jiutongfang microelectronics, which is its independent intellectual property rights of EDA core technology. It is reported that the core team of jiutongfang microelectronics covers the world’s leading EDA field senior architects and IC design experts, and its products include ewave, EPCD, espice, ESIM, etc. Based on the independent core EDA technology, jiutongfang microelectronics can provide advanced EDA tools for civil IC design and military IC design. Product software is mainly used in integrated circuits, RFIC, high-speed interconnection Si, mobile phones, etc., covering communication, national defense, electronics, electrical, automotive, medical and basic science fields.

Xinhe Technology

Suzhou Xinhe technology was founded in 2010, focusing on the research and development of EDA software, integrated passive device IPD and system level package sip. It can provide differentiated software products and chip miniaturization solutions for chip design companies and system manufacturers, including high-speed digital design, IC package design, radio and analog mixed signal design, etc. On October 9, 2019, Xinhe technology announced the establishment of “Xinhe semiconductor technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” (“Xinhe semiconductor”), and incorporated Xinhe technology into Xinhe semiconductor. At the same time, the brand name of new EDA software “Xinhe” was officially launched.

Core and semiconductor are committed to providing differentiated software products and chip miniaturization solutions for semiconductor chip design companies and system manufacturers, including RF IC design, analog mixed signal design, system level packaging design and high-speed digital system design. These products and solutions are widely used in 5g, smart phones, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and data centers.

Guangli Microelectronics

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Hangzhou, guangliwei focuses on semiconductor performance analysis and yield improvement, mainly providing manufacturing EDA software, circuit IP, wafer level electrical test equipment based on test chip and data analysis, as well as technical services related to semiconductor yield improvement. Its advanced solution has been successfully applied in 180nm ~ 4nm process technology node.

On December 20, 2020, Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau disclosed the publicity document of Guangli micro counseling filing. Guangliwei plans to apply for initial listing of a shares, and will conduct listing guidance in December 2020. In terms of EDA software and IP, guangliwei’s main products include smtclell, tcmagic, atcompiler, dataexp and addressable IP.


Founded in 2011, engaged in scientific computing software development, integrated circuit aided design software development and related technical services. The main products include semiconductor device and process simulation (TCAD) software, radiation environment, transport and effect simulation analysis software, multiphysics numerical simulation software, 3D mesh generation and data visualization software, etc.

The company mainly serves semiconductor foundry and fabless manufacturers, aerospace and defense component manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and has customers in China, Europe, America and Asia Pacific region.

Orcas Microelectronics

Founded in March, 2018 in Chengdu, the R & D of integrated circuit design and consulting system is mainly carried out by orcas. Its core personnel have the working experience of cadence, Synopsys, Xilinx and other internationally famous EDA companies and chip design companies, with an average of more than 15 years of global EDA industry experience, and are the main developers of many well-known software tools in the industry.

In April 2020, Orcas micro power officially released avemccloud, the first formal verification tool based on Amazon AWS cloud platform in China, marking that the company’s EDA tool has officially entered the era of cloud computing.

Hangzhou Xingxin

Founded in 2018, Xingxin technology is an integrated circuit chip and IP developer, dedicated to providing users with solutions for computing power and energy consumption, chip performance and R & D capability in the era of artificial intelligence, and helping chip design companies develop high-performance and low-power mass production chips.

The EDA products focus on the design analysis and intelligent optimization of chip power efficiency, power integrity, noise, electromigration and high performance reliability. At present, the core technology of Xingxin technology research and development has been successfully used in the design and mass production of a number of big data server CPU.

Coulomb electron

Founded by kengteng’s former executives in 2010, the company’s products include circuit simulation / yield oriented design technology and semiconductor device model / noise test solutions, large-scale high-precision simulation and design verification platform, semiconductor device modeling platform and test verification system for nano manufacturing technology, etc. On April 2, 2020, Glenn Electronics announced the completion of several hundred million yuan of round a financing.

Liu Zhihong, the founder of Glenn company, once served as the global vice president of cadence, and worked with Hu Zhengming’s team in Silicon Valley to develop BSIM3 simulation model. His product bsimprospice was developed on this basis. At the end of 2019, Gelun electronics acquired Boda micro technology, whose products are semiconductor test system in test field and semiconductor test scheme, device model and physical verification tool with artificial intelligence algorithm as the core.

Core vision

In 2002, core vision was founded. Most of its teams came from the computer department of China University of science and technology. From the beginning, core vision chose the road of “specialization” and “refinement”, positioning its EDA software as “chip analysis and design services”, rather than a comprehensive software platform.

From the main business point of view, core vision mainly has IC analysis services, IC design services, EDA software licensing. Its six software product lines and 38 software products can realize data interaction with mainstream EDA software, and support a variety of standard data formats such as OpenAccess and spice. Relying on its own EDA software, core vision has formed a database supporting IC image, annotation and circuit diagram storage of more than 50000 projects.


In 2012, robei registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and successfully developed robeieda software, a brand-new object-oriented visual chip design software. In 2013, its founder Wu Guosheng led his team to return home to start a business and set up a research and development center in Qingdao in 2014.

Robeieda software can support the front-end design and verification of integrated circuits based on Verilog language. In 2015 and 2017, robei realized the verification of a fully autonomous high-speed dynamic reconfigurable adaptive chip based on robeieda tool in 130nm and 40nm processes, respectively.

Blue ocean Micro Technology

Established in August 2009, blue ocean micro technology is engaged in professional EDA software services and customized development of EDA tools. In the field of pcellqa tools, it has strong technical strength, high degree of automation, comprehensive inspection items, high accuracy and support for advanced process special processing, etc.

The founding team has nearly 20 years of experience in EDA development, marketing and operation, and has certain technical advantages in parasitic parameter extraction, layout verification, OpenAccess platform software development, PDK development and automatic generation. It mainly provides EDA tools related to layout, including scout, helmet, shield, BARDE, TUTA, etc.

Hefei full core Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Established in September 2019, full core intelligent manufacturing is jointly invested by Synopsys, a leading international EDA company, wuyuefeng capital, a well-known domestic venture capital, Huada of China power and Microelectronics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. With a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the company is headquartered in Hefei and has branches in Shanghai and Beijing. Full core intelligent manufacturing brings together a group of leading talents in EDA, wafer manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other fields, with an average working life of more than 20 years, expert knowledge covering the manufacturing industry chain, and landing experience in intelligent manufacturing.

It is reported that the company has established a good cooperative relationship with the Institute of microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutes. It is committed to transforming the manufacturing industry through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, realizing the evolution from expert knowledge to artificial intelligence. Starting from EDA point tools such as OPC (optical proximity correction) and device process simulation, it will build an integrated circuit intelligent manufacturing platform driven by big data and artificial intelligence in the future.


Xinhuazhang was established in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in March 2020, aiming to provide R & D, sales and technical services of new generation EDA intelligent industrial software and system. In the development of integrated circuits, 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud services and supercomputing, we provide independent research and development, safe and reliable solutions and services for cooperation.

On October 16, 2020, xinhuazhang completed 100 million yuan of pre-A round financing; on November 9, 2020, it completed nearly 100 million yuan of pre-A + round financing again; in December 2020, xinhuazhang announced to complete more than 200 million yuan of a round financing. In just three months, the company has obtained about 400 million yuan of financing.


Although there is still a long way to go for domestic EDA software to replace Chinese EDA design, we can see some progress. Compared with foreign giant enterprises, domestic EDA enterprises are generally set up later. Because of this, it is not easy for domestic EDA enterprises to catch up.

A good phenomenon is that since the ban on Huawei was issued in the United States, some people with lofty ideals who had previously worked in this field have started their own businesses. Since September 2019, companies such as xinhuazhang and all core intelligent manufacturing have been established one after another. Take xinhuazhang as an example, its founder Wang Libin once worked as a regional sales manager in Xinsi technology.

China’s semiconductor market is in full swing with capital and policies. This hot market’s definite compensation for the high technology that has been silent for many years reflects the nation’s confidence in breaking the shackles of semiconductors, and more and more domestic enterprises begin to catch up.

As people in the industry have said, the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry and the crazy layout of capital in various fields, such as communication radio frequency, automotive electronics, MEMS (micro electro mechanical system), will certainly give birth to the wave of EDA dominated by localization. The core of this wave is to promote the localization improvement and industrial process reengineering of the upstream production industry through the downstream industry.

The localization of EDA has just begun.

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