The editor said: I believe you must be familiar with this scene: using the computer all day to study or work, eyes are dry and tearful; before going to bed, brushing the mobile phone for a long time, and finally going to sleep… However, it is obviously sleepy, but the head is sober. , tossing and turning, can’t sleep…

Attention! It’s blue light at work!

Blue light is a high-energy, strong penetrating light with a wavelength between 400-480nm. It is one of the components of sunlight and a common light in LED light sources and electronic products. In daily life, the blue light brought by electronic devices almost floods people around, causing many hazards, including:

Prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to symptoms of visual fatigue such as dry eyes, deepening myopia, and diplopia;

Exposure to blue light at night can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, break the circadian rhythm, and bring about sleep disorders;

High-energy blue light affects retinal cells, leading to vision loss, macular degeneration and other diseases.

To protect your eyes, try a low-blue light-tested device!

Blue light damage is so great, the new Surface Go 3 Business Edition and Surface Laptop Go Business Edition have been tested for low blue light, bringing more comprehensive health protection for people working remotely and students studying online.

TÜV SÜD’s blue light ratio rating certification for electronic display products is the world’s authoritative blue light rating certification. Its low blue light technology solution was adopted by the 2020 Shenzhen “Computer Monitor” standard certification as one of the advanced indicators.

Requirements for TÜV Blu-ray Ratio Rating:

The blue light ratio or blue light (400-500nm) dose of the device should be at least 25% less than the visible light (300-700nm) dose;

Low blue light ratio mode should be set to work by default out of the box.

So what about the low blue light test?

When testing:

The staff set the device to full white at 48% brightness in night mode;

In a dark room, test the spectral irradiance emitted by the screen at a distance of 200mm from the center of the screen;

Calculate the blue light wavelength and proportion.

Tested by TÜV, the blue light ratio of Microsoft Surface Go 3 Commercial Edition is 17.84%, which belongs to the “low blue light” range of “best selected” 15% – 20% range. It is a relatively excellent “low blue light” certified device.

Test Mode White (R=G=B=255)

Test position center (test distance = 200 mm)

Display Mode Set 48% brightness in night mode

Blue light irradiance (W/㎡)8.154

Total irradiance (W/㎡) 45.702

Blu-ray ratio 17.84

The blue light ratio test result of the Surface Laptop Go Business Edition is lower than that of the Surface Go 3, at 17.52%, and the blue light irradiance is also lower.

Test Mode White (R=G=B=255)

Test position center (test distance = 200 mm)

Display Mode Set 48% brightness in night mode

Blue light irradiance (W/㎡)7.831

Total irradiance (W/㎡) 44.707

Blu-ray ratio 17.52

The magic of low blue light equipment: make excellent better!

In the process of children’s growth, vision protection is extremely concerned and valued by parents. With good reading habits, electronic devices that can protect eyesight are particularly important. Therefore, in the choice of electronic equipment, both schools and parents are particularly cautious. The Surface Go 3 Business Edition device with low blue light can effectively reduce the damage of screen blue light to children’s eyes. At the same time, the pre-installed Windows 11 or Windows 10 Professional Edition can create and associate accounts for children through the “Parental Control” function, so as to more effectively control the length of time children use the computer. Protect children’s eyesight, make education more technological, and make children better.

At the same time, the Surface Laptop Go commercial version with lower blue light irradiation is more suitable for professionals who stare at the screen for a long time for meetings and code words. The thin and light body and strong performance meet the needs of the mobile office scene of the current workplace. Advanced and durable body material and rich color options bring a touch of fashionable color to the busy workplace.

With the normalization of hybrid office and hybrid learning models, all groups need a good user experience and stronger technical support in work and study. Surface Go 3 Business Edition or Surface Laptop Go Business Edition, which has been tested for low blue light, doesn’t have to worry about blue light damage from high-brightness screens, even in low-light environments. And quickly connect to the network through Wi-Fi 6 or LTE version, get information one step faster; with Surface stylus and special version of the professional keyboard cover, quickly grasp the key points, full output, work, study and health are not wrong!

Turn your Surface Business device into an eye-protector

Surface Go 3 Business and Surface Laptop Go Business devices are low blue light tested by TÜV SÜD, and other Surface Business products offer low blue light protection for everyone!

Go to “Start” – “Settings” – “System” – “Display” on your Surface device and turn on “Night Mode” to reduce the blue light emission rate of the screen and get more protection!

Eyes are the windows to the soul. With the help of better equipment, it will bring you more complete protection for you in the workplace and for you in school.

2022, Surface business device with low blue light eye protection, speed arrangement.

Original title: “Eye Care Guide for Professionals”

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