On April 8, sunshine power signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaisheng group in Bengbu, Anhui Province.

According to the agreement, sunshine power and Kaisheng group will carry out all-round and various forms of strategic cooperation in technology research and development, project promotion, product interoperability, international business support and industry association construction, and focus on strengthening in-depth cooperation in technology, quality and management specifications of BIPV system design, engineering construction and operation.

Sunshine power signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaisheng group, which will carry out in-depth cooperation in relevant fields

The successful signing of the agreement is of great significance to enhance the brand power and influence of both sides, promote the technological progress of new energy industry and the promotion and utilization of new energy products.

Sunshine power focuses on the R & D, production, sales and service of solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and other new energy power equipment. The main products include photovoltaic inverter, wind energy converter, energy storage system, new energy vehicle drive system, surface photovoltaic floating body, intelligent energy operation and maintenance services, etc., and are committed to providing world-class photovoltaic power station solutions.

By the end of 2019, sunshine power has realized the total installed capacity of inverter equipment over 100gw in the world.

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