Under the trend of intellectualization and networking, smart city, smart security, smart transportation, smart home, etc. are stepping up, and the demand for “everything connected” is further enhanced. In this context, the Internet of things industry has ushered in greater opportunities, and the industry heat continues to rise. As the last month of 2020, a lot of new trends continue to emerge in the field of Internet of things in December, involving financing, new products, industrial layout, technology research and development, and so on. Today we might as well take stock together!

China’s open intelligent alliance officially established

On December 1, under the guidance and support of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the open smart alliance was officially established. The alliance is jointly launched by 24 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Xiaomi, Huawei, Institute of information technology, China Telecom and China Mobile. It is committed to breaking the situation of “feudal separatism” in China’s Internet of things, and winning a place in the international Internet of things standard setting.

China’s Internet of things security testing technology has become an international standard

On December 8, an Internet of things security testing technology independently developed by China was recently released as an international standard by the international organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission. This is another international standard with independent intellectual property rights issued in the field of Internet of things security technology in China, and another important achievement under the background of strengthening independent intellectual property rights in key fields in China.

Qualcomm announces IOT service Suite

Summary of major events in the Internet of things industry in December

On December 9, Qualcomm technologies announced the launch of its IOT service suite, which provides a comprehensive end-to-end IOT as a service solution to support the digital transformation of global smart cities and smart connected spaces. The release of new products of the Internet of things shows the sustainable development momentum of the smart city accelerator program of Qualcomm.

Tencent cloud announces new upgrade of its Internet of things platform

On December 10, Tencent cloud announced a new upgrade of its “Tencent Lianlian” brand and IOT platform IOT Explorer at IOT ecological summit. By aggregating multiple product capabilities in Tencent cloud and multiple ecological resources in Tencent system, Tencent cloud provides integrated services including cloud, end-to-end and application, and adds scalable product services and content for two major IOT competitions of consumption and industry Service ability.

White paper on Internet of things (2020) issued by China Academy of information technology

On December 15, at the “2021 ICT + in depth observation report meeting of China Academy of information and communications” held in Beijing, China Academy of information and communications released the “white paper on the Internet of things (2020)”. The white paper continuously tracks the latest development trend of the Internet of things in the past two years, systematically combs and comprehensively analyzes the three core issues of “fragmentation, security risk and high cost” faced by the large-scale Internet of things, and gives targeted development suggestions.

“5g + IOT Ecological Cooperation Conference” held in Nanning

On December 17, the “5g + Internet of things Ecological Cooperation Conference” jointly sponsored by Nanning big data Development Bureau and China Mobile Guangxi company was held in Nanning. The theme of this conference is “5g engine for all things to enjoy new development”. It aims to further promote the implementation of the National Application of Internet of things in the Internet of vehicles, health services, smart home and other industries, and continue to promote the application of industry, agriculture, public safety, transportation, energy and other fields.

Baidu shows its Tiangong Internet of things

On December 17, the “2020bcsummit Baidu cloud Intelligence Summit” was held in Beijing, and Baidu demonstrated its Tiangong Internet of things. Through a series of hardware such as Honghu voice chip, voice module, voice development board, offline module, voice interactive module, and VR party building and VR cloud exhibition, baidu shared the latest intelligent applications of data intelligence, visual intelligence, voice intelligence and other directions of the Internet of things in the smart city scene.

Tencent cloud IOT builds a new ecology of Internet of things

On December 20, Tencent’s 2020 techopark developer conference held a sub Forum on the Internet of things with the theme of “IOT, the” accelerator “of Internet of things. On the spot, Hu Liwei, product manager of the company, introduced the product matrix of cloud Internet of things. He said that Tencent cloud provides comprehensive IOT solutions for enterprises by covering cloud, tube, edge and end-to-end IOT full stack product matrix and relying on AI, edge computing and other technical capabilities.

The output value of Internet of things in China accounts for 25% of the global output value

On December 21, the 2020 World Internet of things conference was held in Beijing. Shi Dinghuan, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference, said that the current global Internet of things output value is about 15 trillion US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 23%. China accounts for about 1 / 4 of the global output value of the Internet of things, and is the country with the most application practice and innovation development of the Internet of things.

Comment on signing strategic cooperation memorandum with RT thread

According to pinplay, on December 21, the company, which focuses on in-depth static code analysis, announced that it signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with RT thread, the industry-leading Internet of things operating system, to jointly create a safe and stable development environment for the Internet of things industry.

Hello, related companies set up new companies related to Internet of things

According to tianyancha app, on December 21, Shenzhen Hahang Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, and its legal representative is Chu Yiqun. Its business scope includes technology development, consultation, transfer, service and tourism business in the fields of network technology, computer technology, information technology, Internet of things technology, public bicycle system and its accessories, which is owned by harrow affiliated company The company is wholly owned by Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhilian an Technology completed 100 million RMB a + round financing

On December 21, it was reported that Zhilian an technology, a chip company of cellular Internet of things, has completed 100 million RMB a + round financing, and the investor is sig Haina Asia (lead investment). It is understood that Zhilian an technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in chip design, which is mainly committed to the technological research and development of wireless communication chips.

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