Most of the hidden dangers of network security are the use of the security weaknesses of the network system itself. What are the factors affecting network security?

1. Loopholes

Vulnerabilities are important hidden dangers that cause security problems. These vulnerabilities provide hackers with various opportunities. The vast majority of illegal intrusions, Trojans and viruses break through the network security defense line through vulnerabilities. Therefore, anti blocking vulnerabilities is one of the keys to improve system and network security. We can install some software to scan vulnerabilities to remind IT managers to repair vulnerabilities in time.

2. Network structure and protocol factors

Because enterprises already have local area networks of various departments before establishing their own intranet, in order to realize the information communication between heterogeneous networks, they often have to sacrifice the setting and implementation of some security mechanisms, so as to put forward higher requirements for network openness. At the same time, in order to save money, the original network infrastructure will be protected, resulting in interconnection, compatibility and communication between different objects, which will bring huge security risks.

3. User factors

The original intention of enterprises to build websites is to speed up information exchange and better adapt to market demand. However, the coverage of users visiting the website is very wide. If there are no access restrictions on users visiting the website, it will pose a threat to the security of the network, because there may be commercial spies or “hackers”.

4. Regional factors

The network used by enterprise websites can be LAN or WAN, often across intercity and even international networks. The long communication line and remote geographical location will not ensure the quality of the network, which will not only cause the damage and loss of information in the transmission process, but also create an opportunity for some “hackers”.

5. Host factor

The enterprise network consists of Intranet, local area network and stand-alone. Each additional network will add a host. Enterprise network is a very complex network environment. Because the operating system used by each network is not exactly the same as the network operating system, a vulnerability in an operating system may cause great hidden trouble to the whole network.

When the security defense line of the network is broken, the running speed of the system will obviously slow down and frequent downtime, and the data will be stolen and deleted, resulting in the failure of enterprise services and economic losses. Therefore, we should establish a correct concept of network security in our work and life and protect network security.

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