– Sumida pulse transformer is added to ruzhuoli power management system product portfolio,Improve the battery performance of new energy vehicles

Achieve efficient communication between battery modules: through ceeh66, ceeh86, ceh96b and cep99 / 99b series products, Sumida provides a number of transformer products that meet ROHS requirements and aec-q200 certification, which are suitable for new energy and hybrid electric vehicles.

Pulse transformer is the basic component of battery management system (BMS), and it is always used in pairs: one is responsible for the communication between the battery cell modules on the slave side, and the other is responsible for the interactive communication between the master side and the slave side.

At present, the pulse transformer of battery management system is available in four different designs, namely 4-pin, 6-pin or 8-pin SMD type, with a minimum height of 7mm. Other types with higher operating voltage and lower overall height are being prepared. High quality standards are essential, especially in the field of new energy vehicles, which is why all designs were created from the beginning for new energy and hybrid vehicle applications, including aec-q200 certification.

All the above transformer series are designed to operate in the temperature range of – 40 ° C to + 125 ° C and provide a maximum operating voltage of 600V DC.

In addition, the four product families provide reference designs for Microcontrollers from maxim, Texas Instruments, ADI and Panasonic.

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