SCHURTER expands its popular rewired IEC connector portfolio by adding color versions of 4781 series (c15120 ° C) and 4782 series (C13, 70 ° C). In order to improve the discrimination in multi-phase applications, especially in multi line data center applications, the new connector not only has the black version, but also has the white and gray versions. From an aesthetic point of view, the white option is also more preferred for medical applications.

The detachable cable connector is especially suitable for small batch products with different cable lengths and plugs in specific countries or regions, so that large orders are no longer required. Factory completed pre assembled cable protection devices are provided with diameters of 8.5mm or 10mm, and screw terminals can accept cable cross-sectional areas between 3×0.75mm? / 18awg (0.82mm?) and 3×1.5mm? / 14AWG (2.08mm?).

The new power connector has passed the new ul60320 standard certification, and has also passed the safety certification in Europe, China, North America and the newly developed Japanese market. In addition, halogen is not used in power cord shields or all other plastic components.


Datasheet 4781 [1]

Datasheet 4782 [1]

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