The high-quality and large-scale development of the industry is closely related to the degree of digital and intelligent transformation. Dawning moved forward steadily in November, winning bids continuously, helping the intelligent transformation of the industry; strategic cooperation, and partners to enter the new era of digitalization!

Winning the bid continues to help intelligent transformation

Sugon joins hands with Goldwind to empower smart wind power!

High-quality and large-scale development has become the main theme and new requirements of China’s wind power industry facing the “14th Five-Year Plan” and even 2030. Goldwind joined hands with Sugon to introduce an integrated enterprise-wide business process solution based on Sugon to accelerate the iterative innovation of wind power products and solutions.

Sugon joins hands with Luzhou Laojiao to help inherit “intangible cultural heritage” skills with digital

Recently, Sugon won the bid for the Luzhou Laojiao Huangjiao data center construction project. Sugon provides safe and high-performance products, and builds a unified computing resource pool to effectively support the stable operation of the new data center of the century-old wine brand, focusing on supporting its new generation of production, Supply chain segment business.

Winning the bid for ShanghaiTech University! Sugon Helps “AI+Medical” Research

Recently, Sugon won the bid for the deep learning computing module project of the School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) of ShanghaiTech University. Based on the computing power support provided by Sugon, the college focuses on research in the fields of medical imaging, intelligent medicine, and intelligent instruments, and is committed to producing internationally recognized original achievements and transforming scientific innovations into clinical applications.

Strategies join hands in the new digital era

Zhongke Sugon and Nanjing Meteorological Research Institute have started a strategic cooperation!

Zhongke Sugon (Nanjing) Computing Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Institute of Meteorological Science and Technology Innovation held a cooperation signing ceremony. Carry out strategic cooperation in exchanges and cooperation.

The Chinese Academy of Water Sciences and Sugon join hands to build a “dam digital twin”!

Recently, the China Academy of Water Resources and Hydropower Research successfully built a “dam digital twin” through the integration of the self-developed software of the Academy of Water Sciences and the Sugon computing platform. Based on the computing platform support provided by Sugon, the multi-dimensional simulation of time, space, material, and cost of dams is carried out in virtual space, and the capacity of dams is predicted in advance, which has made important contributions to the safe development of my country’s water conservancy industry.

Continuous upgrade of hard core products and services

“Dawn Smart Computing +” incubates a new ecology of the computing industry

Sugon Smart Computing is currently officially providing “Smart Computing +” API for partners, which allows third-party computing service providers to access the computing power resource pool to provide services, and cooperate with upstream and downstream to create a mutually beneficial and win-win computing industry ecology.

Brother Stor is here | Good disaster preparedness, don’t collapse the house!

Sugon DBStor200 backup storage system provides you with data protection at your fingertips all the time. Now the Sugon Backup family has added a new member to flexibly configure your data protection scheme.

Inheriting the torch, the spirit of innovation will never change

Shuguang Academy was completed in Shenzhen Institute of Technology, and Li Guojie served as the honorary dean

On November 26, the inauguration ceremony of Shuguang Academy was held at the Pearl Campus of Shenzhen University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen University”). The establishment of the academy is of epochal significance. It is not only an innovative form of scientific research and education, but also a carrier for the inheritance of the dawn spirit.

Sugon won the top 500 Chinese brands

At the 15th annual meeting of the 2021 China Brand Festival, the “2021 Top 500 Chinese Brands” list was released. Sugon stood out among more than 16,000 local brands with its outstanding brand influence.

Sugon was awarded the leading enterprise in intelligent computing, and won the Excellent Solution Award!

On November 12, Sugon won the “China Intelligent Computing Leading Enterprise” award issued by the China Intelligent Computing Industry Alliance for its outstanding contributions in the field of intelligent computing, and was awarded the “China Intelligent Computing Enterprise” award based on its technical strength in the field of intelligent computing. Computing Excellent Solution Award”!

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