Correct learning attitude

Learn Linux not to be a hacker or hacker.

Many Xiaobai know that many sources of “hacker attack tools” are from the Linux platform. I have also directed many linux novices. As a result, they are all heading for similar intrusions by different routes, except those who are beginners and give up.

I have always stressed that:

Linux is just a tool. The tool is not the end, but the means to achieve a certain goal. However, every means has two sides, and the success is also Xiao He!

Linux is based on the command line, so you can do the work quickly. Because it is not only a tool, but also a professional tool.

Tools and tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you use, you may be popular on the Internet today, and disappear tomorrow. All these are based on tools.

A lot of Xiaobai like to add QQ hacker group, or find a master in the forum. In fact, it is unnecessary. Here I would like to say to you:

Correct understanding of QQ group

With so many years of QQ, you will find that diving is too much, most of the time is stealth.

Few of them are serious. Most of the active ones are advertising or are ready to advertise. Either enrollment or fraud.

Don’t ask meaningless questions or unreasonable questions. If you ask me why I have a network here, but I can’t connect to my virtual machine, no one is willing to answer such questions, because there is no way to answer them. A master doesn’t want to waste his time on these boring questions.

Linux and windows

There is no need to compare, the operating system is just a tool, and there is no such thing as Linux is safer than windows.

Desktop habits which use which, the two systems are not incompatible, completely depends on personal habits

What article is not necessary to read

Rubbish article, discuss which is good and which is bad.

A look at the article is just a note, the record made by oneself, not for people to see.

Baidu article non hot search words PageRank do really bad.

About English

Everyone speaks English in mailing list and IRC

Email and foreign experts in English.

Google has to use English to search key questions.

Of course not. English can’t be bad. It’s just that people who know English can learn more slowly and work harder than those who can.

About development

If you want to work with Linux. So Linux and development are definitely not separate things.

It is impossible for developers not to know a little bit about Linux operation and maintenance, because they will not build an environment to develop. It’s usually an environment.

A good operation and maintenance can not be without understanding development. The most appropriate example: operation and maintenance script, puppet automatic operation and maintenance, all need to be able to develop.

Do you want to install desktop?

A minimal installation system is recommended.

If windows is used, it is recommended to use VirtualBox + headerless to make tray + putty remote control.

If it is still a small white stage, it is recommended to use xshell remote link.

Learn Linux configuration

Because it is not suitable to install Linux directly at the beginning of learning (if you install directly, you will find that all kinds of problems will appear, such as network card driver problems or other incompatibility problems).

Single core or dual core is selected for virtual machine configuration. 1g space is recommended for personal use, but it should not exceed the memory size of the real machine.

How to ask questions

Please don’t ask questions easily, because each time you ask questions, you take up other people’s time, and you also lose an opportunity to learn.

Easily do not ask questions in QQ group, because QQ group is basically small white, only will install a system even if the master.

If you have to ask a question, please state clearly the problem you want to solve first, what kind of operation you have done has led to the current result, and what kind of solution you have tried and failed. Then there should be a screenshot, a screenshot, a screenshot, three times the important words.


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