This summer, students returning to school and telecommuting have brought the global laptop market to the limit of saturation. Buying computers at reasonable prices in large quantities has become an impossible task. Some people even compare it to the “battle for masks” in March this year. The government of Catalonia admitted that there were great difficulties in the purchase of computers in the autonomous region of Catalonia.

According to the Spanish “Herald” website reported on August 24, the government of Catalonia autonomous region originally planned to purchase 300000 computers in September for distribution to schools. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, some schools may have to choose distance teaching. The Ministry of Education announced in June that it would purchase 500000 laptops through the autonomous regional government. But it doesn’t seem easy to buy a computer at the moment. The production of computers is not enough to meet the sudden increase in demand in such a short period of time. The problem is not just in Spain, it’s a global problem – in the United States, the most commonly used computer models in schools and institutions are even out of stock.

The seller is the witness of the tide of supply interruption. Spain’s Inglis supermarket said computer stocks were beginning to suffer, especially as 13 inch and 15 inch laptops had disappeared from shelves and logistics warehouses, while 14 inch Laptop stocks were slightly better. Supermarkets said that the inventory of multiple models was on the verge of limit, and the transportation of goods was also delayed.

Students returning to school and telecommuting have boosted sales of laptops

In any case, there is still room for growth in the computer market. In the second quarter of this year, European purchases of desktops and laptops broke a record, up 52% from the same period in 2019, according to a report from IDC. IDC attributed this historic growth to the boom in telecommuting and distance education after the outbreak. According to the report of International Data Corporation, the sales volume of computers in the whole European, Middle East and Africa markets reached 20.7 million units from April to June, an increase of 26.4% over last year.

According to IDC, global computer sales have gradually returned to growth since April, after a decline in the early days of the epidemic due to the closure of shops and factories. Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Dell, apple, Acer and ASUS dominate most of the market and face the challenge of uncertainty in the international market.


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