Dahua distributed display and control solution adopts a new distributed architecture, which is composed of a variety of devices to complete front-end audio and video acquisition, coding, streaming media forwarding, decoding, large screen splicing, roaming and other functions. The main equipment includes distributed master control server, encoding box (supporting BNC / DVI / HDMI / SDI / VGA input), decoding box (supporting HDMI / DVI output), etc.

Structure composition and function realization of Dahua distributed display and control solution

Topology of distributed display and control solution

Dahua distributed display and control solution solves the following difficulties:

1、 All the input and output signals are connected to the splicing controller. The cable length of DVI, VGA, SDI is limited, the transmission distance is limited, and the wiring is difficult;

2、 For the same user, the display screen is scattered in different areas, between floors, regions, and even different provinces and cities, so the matching need to reconfigure the splicing controller in the construction position of each large screen, which costs a lot and can not manage and control all the signals uniformly;

3、 The scale of large screen splicing wall is also increasing, especially in the public sector involving transportation, energy, people’s livelihood and other matters, its demand is more than tens or hundreds of units splicing, and the traditional control architecture has been far from meeting the demand;

4、 It is difficult to upgrade the system. Once the hardware scale is selected, the system capacity can not be upgraded.

5、 The maintenance cost is high, and the system needs to be replaced.

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