The bus closed-circuit monitoring system developed by Zhuhai Allianz Ruishi Technology Co., Ltd. can not only track and record the geographical location of the vehicle, but also monitor and record the operation status of the bus and the work of the drivers and passengers in the whole process, so as to prevent the driver from violating the regulations. It can also be used as the evidence to distinguish responsibilities in case of disputes between the drivers and passengers, In order to safeguard the interests of the company and passengers, supervise the company’s personnel in establishing a good image of the company, provide better service to passengers and enhance the competitiveness of passenger transport enterprises.

Composition of bus closed circuit monitoring system

Structure and function design of bus closed circuit monitoring system

The whole system is divided into front-end signal acquisition and alarm equipment, middle end signal processing equipment and back-end video display output. The front-end equipment includes camera, sniffer head and alarm, the middle end equipment is vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder, and the back-end equipment is monitor. In the front-end system, the camera extracts the internal information of the vehicle, which is then compressed and stored by the on-board monitoring host for alarm processing. When arriving at the terminal station, the staff of the management center back up the video data of the vehicle operation through USB interface or replacement of vehicle hard disk, and the terminal management staff can consult it through playback analysis software.

Monitoring alarm position setting (Reference): front door (driver, coin box), rear door, front door, interior of car. The schematic diagram is as follows

System components and equipment selection

Front end equipment selection: you can choose infrared hemisphere machine or color to black hemisphere machine, you can also choose pan tilt or ball machine to ensure that you can get a clear video picture even if there is no light at night or under weak light. The general trigger alarm can be selected as the alarm; The pickup can be selected independently, or the camera with built-in audio input can be selected when the camera is purchased.

Choice of middle end equipment: for the economical and practical type, you can choose the basic model d5604 of Allianz Ruishi on-board products; for the function expansion type, you can choose the on-board product models of Allianz Ruishi with 3G module and other functions, such as d5604ge and d5604gw, so as to expand the system functions in the future. Back end display device selection: you can select a dedicated small size LCD display, or access to a large monitor installed in the car, and switch the display between advertising and video monitoring output.

Function design of front end and middle end equipment

Front end equipment features:

3 ~ 4 cameras and 4 ~ 7 alarms and other input devices are connected to collect the clear image, audio, alarm and other information inside and outside the car, and monitor the situation inside and outside the car.

Features of mid end devices:

It mainly processes the information collected by the front-end equipment, including video recording, alarm, coding, storage, etc.

1) Monitor the passenger transport process. The on-board embedded monitoring system can realize the monitoring of audio and video, alarm and other information. The on-board driving record terminal continuously records the driving speed and other information of the vehicle according to the driving time. After arriving at the terminal station, the management personnel can download the video data of the vehicle operation by replacing the on-board hard disk or through the USB interface, and the terminal management personnel can access it through the playback analysis software, Be able to understand the driving state and operating environment of the bus on the day, and timely find out the environmental or human problems, including random parking, irrelevant riding, etc.

2) Vehicle speed, license plate number and other information can be input into the code, and the delay shutdown can be up to 60 minutes.

Monitoring system function

The on-board system is an embedded system, which adopts the function modular design and H.264 compression algorithm. Compared with the same period of last year, it takes up less space, and the high-quality compression makes the picture restore clearer. The camera in the car body can be flexibly installed in different positions according to the monitoring requirements.

Power supply design: the power supply design of vehicle hard disk video recorder is safe and stable. Because the power supply of the automobile mainly comes from the automobile battery, the output voltage of the battery is very unstable during the starting and driving process of the automobile. Especially, the voltage will be pulled very low by the engine during ignition, and the voltage may rise very high when the accelerator is pressed sharply. The occasional instantaneous voltage may exceed 48V, Therefore, the power supply design of vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder is required to adapt to this environment. The working voltage range of Allianz Ruishi’s on-board hard disk video recorder is 9V ~ 32V, and the anti impulse voltage range is 9V ~ 100V. Only in this way can the equipment work normally at low voltage and protect the equipment from damage at instantaneous high voltage, and the service life is longer.

Shockproof design: Allianz Ruishi adopts a two-stage shockproof structure combining hard disk shockproof and whole machine shockproof to ensure the effectiveness of earthquake resistance.

File system design: the vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder is a new product. The problems caused by the sudden power failure are incomplete files, unrecognized disks when replacing hard disks, and broken files cannot be played normally. With many years of embedded DVR development experience, Allianz has developed a special video file system to deal with various abnormal situations of vehicles, which ensures the stability and reliability of the system from the bottom.

Video playback software management system

Playback analysis software can analyze the historical data. Through this software, we can get the video image of vehicle driving, current speed, driving track and sensor information, which provides strong evidence for the post analysis and processing of sudden cases.

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