The unified optoelectronic solution for designing photonic chips will accelerate the development of next-generation optical communication technology

Mountain view, California, March 11, 2022 / AP / — Xinsi Technology (NASDAQ: SNPs) recently announced its optocompiler, a unified chip design solution for optoelectronics ™ It will help developers better innovate on the new global foundries (GF) silicon light platform. As the next generation of GF, GF fotonix is a widely subversive monolithic platform ™ It is the first platform in the industry to integrate its differentiated 300mm photonics characteristics and 300GHZ rf-cmos on silicon chip, which can provide first-class performance on a large scale.

As the basis of the unified optoelectronic design platform of Xinsi technology, optocompiler can provide a complete end-to-end design, verification and signing solution for photonic chips. Optocompiler combines mature dedicated photonic technology with industry-leading simulation and physical verification tools, so that developers can quickly and accurately design and verify Complex Photonic chips.

Mike cadigan, senior vice president of customer design support at Globalfoundries, said: “With the increasing demand for data and the high power consumption, we need innovative solutions to realize faster and more efficient data movement. GF fotonix can solve these problems well, and the support provided by Xinsi technology for our new platform will further strengthen our ability. Xinsi technology’s special photoelectric design solution will help developers create more powerful, flexible and energy-saving solutions more efficiently To meet the growing needs of today’s data center, computing and sensing applications. “

Raja tabet, senior vice president of custom design and manufacturing division of Xinsi technology, said: “as a leading supplier of optoelectronic design and verification solutions, Xinsi technology is committed to helping the industry accelerate the process of adopting photonic chip technology. The process design tool package of GF fotonix’s new platform will enable mutual customers to shorten the turnaround time and improve the quality of results when using Xinsi technology solutions to develop the next generation of silicon optical chips.”

GF solution: realize the light speed movement and calculation of data

GF fotonix monolithic platform is the first platform in the world to integrate the cutting-edge 300mm photonic wafer characteristics and 300GHZ rf-cmos functions on a single chip. GF fotonix integrates complex processes previously distributed on multiple chips into a single chip by combining photonic systems, radio frequency (RF) components and high-performance complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) logic on a single silicon chip.

Xinsi technology supports the Process Design Toolkit (PDK) provided by GF through the end-to-end seamless design process, which includes schematic capture and layout synthesis using optocompiler and primesim ™ And optsim ™ Conduct simulation and use Xinsi Technology IC validator ™ Perform design rule check (DRC) and layout versus schematic comparison (LVS). The unified solution supports PDK driven design and customized design by Xinsi technology’s photonic device compiler. Xinsi technology tabet said: “we have successfully supported the streaming team of more than 1500 photonic chip designs. The cooperation with gf will strengthen the technical advantages of both sides, help customers access GF fotonix platform faster and bring products to the market faster.

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