November 10, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and promoting industry innovation, announced that it would hold an online seminar with Molex at 14:00 on November 16 on the theme of “Data Center – solution of optical fiber cabling in thin equipment”. At that time, technical experts from Molex will bring you flexplane optical fiber cabling scheme to help engineers improve the flexibility of optical fiber cabling design and improve the overall performance of generic cabling system.


With the progress of telecommunication and network technology, the system needs more and more backplane and cross connection system with high number of optical fibers. At present, MOLEX’s flexplane optical fiber backplane circuit can provide fully customizable optical fiber wiring scheme, which is more flexible in the manageable optical fiber routing mode. It can be applied not only to complex optical fiber connection, but also to data center or roadam system. This live broadcast will introduce the advantages of flexplane system, show its richness in connecting products, a variety of arbitrary wiring configurations, and how to use optical fiber layout to meet different application needs of customers, deepen engineers’ understanding of flexplane, and design a variety of safe and reliable wiring systems in combination with flexplane optical fiber wiring scheme.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of MAOZe electronics, said: “With the continuous development of technology, the network scale and network information flow will continue to expand in the future. It is necessary to optimize the optical fiber cabling system to help people improve online efficiency. For engineers, how to design a cost-effective optical fiber cabling system scheme and configure it into different structures according to needs has become the key to improve the operation speed of communication and information system. Therefore, tradeze electronics specially invited technical experts from Molex Technical experts, with their senior experience in the optical communication industry, will explain Molex’s flexplane optical fiber cabling scheme in detail, so that engineers can learn the innovative technical knowledge related to flexplane system, so as to easily design the optical fiber cabling system to meet the development of intelligent communication in different scenarios. “

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