China, December 15, 2021 – with a thin motherboard of 45.8mm x 8.3mm as the highlight, the Italian French semiconductor steval-iod04kt1 industrial sensor kit can simplify developers to develop compact IO link (IEC 61131-9) sensors for point-to-point two-way communication applications independent of fieldbus.

The motherboard integrates stm32g0 microcontroller of STMicroelectronics, l6364w IO link transceiver, iis2mdc high-precision 3-axis digital output magnetometer, and ism330dhcx inemo inertial measurement module embedded with machine learning core. Thanks to the 2.5mm x 2.5mm csp19 microchip package of l6364w and the 2.3mm x 2.5mm wlcsp25 package of stm32g0, the compact size of the board can use sensors with very small shell. The board is equipped with a 4-pin M8 industrial interface that can be connected to any IO link master controller that supports IO link 1.1. The 10 pin expansion interface allows the board to connect more sensors of different modes.

The supporting stm32cube software package stsw-iod04k provides IO link device description (iodd) files, Italian French semiconductor proprietary IO link demonstration software stack, and routines for managing l6364w and MEMS sensors. The software package supports hot plug activation and contains function libraries that help develop various types of sensors. The software architecture can be easily integrated with other X-cube software to further expand the functions of sensors.

L6364w belongs to the Italian French semiconductor IO link chip product family. The product family provides a complete set of chip solutions that can simplify the implementation of IO link physical layer, including l6360 IO link control transceiver and l6362a and l6364q IO link device chips.

The steval-iod04kt1 kit contains all the tools needed to quickly connect the sensor for evaluation and use, including IO link m8-m12 adapter cable and STMicroelectronics stlink-v3mini code burner. The kit is now available.

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