Italy France semiconductor’s new radiation hardened chip helps low orbit satellites expand communication coverage and earth observation services

On March 24, 2022, China – STMicroelectronics (st; NYSE: STM), the world’s leading semiconductor company serving multiple electronic applications, simplified the design and mass production of a new generation of low earth orbits (LEO) satellites. Economical and reliable low earth orbit (LEO) satellites can provide earth observation and broadband Internet services from low earth orbit.

ST’s new series of radiation hardened power, analog and logic chips are packaged in low-cost plastic, providing important functions for satellite electronic circuits. STMicroelectronics has just released the first nine products of the series, including a data converter, a voltage regulator, an LVDS transceiver, a line driver and five logic gates. These products are used in the whole satellite system, such as power generation and distribution, on-board computer, satellite remote sensing tracker, transceiver and other satellite systems. STMicroelectronics will continue to release new products in the coming months, expand the series and add more functions to further expand the selection range of designers.

Marcello San Biagio, general manager of general and RF products of Italian French semiconductor, said: “We are in a new era of commercialization and democratization of space, commonly known as new space, which has fundamentally changed the economy of satellite design, manufacturing, launch and operation. These spacecraft, which were previously produced in small quantities and used exclusively, are rapidly commercialized and distributed in large constellations sometimes containing thousands of units. ST has supported aerospace development for decades, accumulated rich expertise and combined with technology in commercial IC manufacturing Expertise to make the pricing of the new series of products competitive, while ensuring strong functions, is sufficient to meet the challenges of Leo environment, especially to meet the requirements of radiation reinforcement. “

The new Leo series products of Italian French semiconductor are ordered through Italian French semiconductor agents. Please contact your local Italian French semiconductor sales representative for specific pricing information.

Technical description:

Compared with traditional satellites launched into geostationary orbit, Leo Leo satellites are more protected by the atmosphere and less radiated. In addition, low orbit satellites have a short design life. Although the performance and quality assurance requirements of Leo low orbit satellite for electronic components are similar to those of traditional satellites, the requirements for radiation resistance are low. Historically, aerospace components have been installed in sealed ceramic packages to pass strict QML or ESCC certification and production process testing, resulting in the relatively high cost of these components usually produced in small quantities.

The new Leo radiation resistant reinforced plastic packaging components of Italian French semiconductor can be directly used in new space spacecraft. The product has been optimized in product certification and manufacturing process, which has economies of scale. New products do not require users to conduct additional certification or screening tests, so huge costs and risks are eliminated.

This series ensures that the anti radiation reinforcement is consistent with Leo mission. The anti total ionizing dose irradiation is up to 50 krad (SI), the anti total non ionizing dose is very high, and the anti single event latch-up (SEL) effect is up to 62.5mev cm ²/ mg。 Leo series products share the same production line with aec-q100 vehicle gauge chip of Italian French semiconductor. Statistical process control method is used to ensure stable product quality while mass production. The outgassing characteristics of the device are generally accepted in the new space. The finishing of external termination ensures that there are no whiskers in the space, is compatible with lead (PB) and pure tin installation processes, and complies with reach standards.

The nine newly released devices include leo3910 2A adjustable low dropout voltage regulator, leoad128 8-Channel, 1msps 12 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), leolvdsrd 400Mbps LVDS driver receiver, leoac00 four channel 2-input NAND gate, leoac14 Schmitt trigger input Hex Inverter, leoa244 three state output Octal Bus Buffer, leoac74 dual channel D-type trigger Leoac08 four channel 2 input and gate and leoac32 four channel 2 input or gate.

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