• St31n600 security microcontroller integrated energy collection and biometric security circuit and the latest generation arm ® SecurCore ™ processor
  • St31n600 based biometric system on card (bsoc) and dynamic card verification (dcvv) solutions will appear at trustech 2021

China, December 1, 2021 – STMicroelectronics (st; NYSE: STM), the global semiconductor leader serving multiple electronic applications, launched the latest generation of st31 security microcontroller to help improve the transaction security of contact and non-contact payment cards, ID cards and gateways.

St31n600 adopts the 40 nm ESTM manufacturing technology of Italian semiconductor, integrates the energy collection circuit and additional connection technology required for biometric identification and card dynamic verification (dcvv), so that the battery free smart card can enhance the security of user authentication in contactless and online transactions. St31n600 is based on the latest generation of arm ® SecurCore ™ The secure microcontroller architecture conforms to EMV ISO 7816, ISO 14443 and ISO 18092 contact and non-contact smart card standards, and allows designers to securely connect various peripherals and introduce value-added functions into the card.

Laurent degauque, marketing director of security microcontroller Department of Italian French semiconductor, said: “st31n600 is the starting point for smart card to make great progress. Its powerful security and functions can realize an easy-to-use and innovative payment authentication mechanism. We will exhibit this product at trustech 2021, as well as the secure biometric payment solution and secure online transaction dcvv solution based on STPay Topaz bio.”

STPay Topaz bio is a ready to use payment solution that strengthens the security of cardholder biometric verification and adds security to the rapidity and convenience of contactless transactions. The biometric system on the card (bsoc) solution is based on st31n600 and ultra-low power stm32l4* microcontroller, both of which are embedded in the EMV (Eurocard MasterCard visa MasterCard) module. The st31n600 runs the payment application, biometric template matching, and an energy collection system that powers the system.

St31n600 product is also an ideal choice for e-commerce payment based on dcvv technology. After each EMV transaction, dcvv technology will generate a dynamically refreshed payment code without external installation of battery or clock timer.

At the trustech exhibition, STMicroelectronics will exhibit:

·Bsoc chip based on linxens EMV module and integrated fingerprint cards AB (fingerprints ™) Pre laminated card of the company’s biometric sensor (inlay)

·Dcvv solution embedded with ellipse Technology (low power ePaper display and related drivers)

The sample of st31n600 is now on the market. For price and ordering information, please contact the local sales representative of STMicroelectronics.

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