STMicroelectronics (ST), the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, has launched a new generation of ultra-low power microcontroller STM32U5* series to meet wearable, personal medical, home automation and industrial sensors and other intelligent application devices that have strict and high requirements for low power consumption.

◆ Adopt high-efficiency 40nm manufacturing process and energy-saving innovative technology, so that the power consumption of each working mode is lower

◆ Based on Arm® embedded processor core, it integrates advanced network security functions, excellent graphics processing performance and various peripheral interfaces to meet the strict requirements of consumer electronics and industrial applications

Based on the energy-efficient Arm® Cortex®-M processors, STM32 MCUs lead the market and have been widely used in billions of devices such as home appliances, industrial controls, computer peripherals, communications equipment, smart cities and infrastructure.

The new STM32U5 series uses the high-efficiency Arm Cortex-M33 core, integrates STMicroelectronics' proprietary innovative energy-saving technology and on-chip IP, which greatly reduces system power consumption while improving system performance. The new product family uses a variety of new designs to match modern application development, including advanced network security features, security hardware that supports PSA and SESIP (Internet of Things Platform Security Assessment) Level 3 assurance standards, and graphics accelerators to achieve A feature-rich graphical user interface enhances the user experience.

Ricardo de Sa Earp, Vice President of STMicroelectronics Division and General Manager of the Microcontroller Division, said: "Over the past five years, ST's global share of microcontrollers has almost doubled, and STM32 ultra-low-power microcontroller shipments The volume has exceeded 2 billion so far. ST has a strong advantage in the ultra-low-power microcontroller category with its rich low-power technology reserves and focus on the low-power market, with a market share of about 25%. We expect the STM32U5 microcontroller to become more popular, enabling customers to develop new smart consumer and industrial products with high energy efficiency, high performance, and high cybersecurity."

Mohamed Awad, vice president of Arm's IoT business, said: "Today's smart applications require high energy efficiency and a security foundation. ST integrates Arm technology into the latest MCUs to take energy efficiency and security to a new level, while developing People can also utilize Arm Keil® MDK to maximize energy efficiency.”

STMicroelectronics has also developed the STM32U5 IoT Discovery Kit (B-U585I-IOT02A) IoT development kit that integrates an MCU with Wi-Fi® modules, Bluetooth® modules and various sensors. Microsoft has designated this toolkit as the new Azure Certified Device Program reference board. "Utilizing the advanced capabilities of the STM32U5 microcontroller, the STM32U5 IoT Development Kit is the best platform for learning to develop Azure RTOS-based Azure IoT services," said Sam George, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Head of the Azure IoT Business Unit. The kit will be available this year. On sale later.

Among the main customers of the STM32U5, market-leading cloud communication platform Twilio has used this series of MCUs to create an innovative IoT device development platform called Microvisor. "As the first developers to use the STM32U5, our Twilio Microvisor offers customers a unique combination of ultra-low power, high performance and advanced cybersecurity features," said Jonathan Williams, Principal Product Manager at Twilio.

STM32U5 MCUs are sampling to key customers now and will be in full production in September 2021. A variety of packages are available, including 4.2mm x 3.95mm WLCSP and 7mm x 7mm UQFN48 and UFBGA169.

Technical details

Power saving function

The new family of microcontrollers introduces an innovative self-control mode that allows direct memory access (DMA) controllers and peripherals to remain functional while most devices sleep to save power. Fine-grained operating mode control can turn off parts of the MCU's memory, avoiding powering idle cells. In addition, STM32U5 MCU adopts 40nm manufacturing technology, an advanced process suitable for MCU, which can save power consumption in dynamic operation mode.

The new products also inherit the successful product features of the previous generation ultra-low power MCUs STM32L0, STM32L4 and STM32L5, including dynamic voltage scaling to optimize energy consumption according to workload and START Accelerator™ memory access acceleration technology for efficient flash memory access, and Now, in addition to the memory, the latest feature of the START Accelerator allows to read the MCU external flash memory.

Upgrade peripherals

In addition to power savings, designers can take advantage of new features to meet the stringent requirements of their applications, such as higher flash density, up to 2MB of on-chip memory, and off-chip memory fast interfaces to further expand the system. Up to 0.5MB of on-chip flash memory increases the endurance to 100,000 read/write cycles, improving reliability for user data retention.

The new family also offers advanced high-speed 14-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for next-generation sensing and tracking applications.

The Multifunction Digital Filter (MDF) and Audio Digital Filter (ADF) replace ST's proven Sigma-Delta Modulation Digital Filter (DFSDM). Greatly improved voice detection capabilities, which enable users to integrate AI into low-cost, low-power microcontroller-based application scenarios by improving voice activity detection performance. In addition, the STM32U5 MCU can also meet the requirements of critical safety applications by embedding Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory within the production RAM memory.

increaseStrong network security

The STM32L5 series, which focuses on network security, is equipped with a Cortex-M33 processor core that supports Arm TrustZone® technology and integrates STMicroelectronics' unique security functions. On this basis, the STM32U5 series introduces the latest and most advanced technologies:

● AES encryption engine and Public Key Algorithm Accelerator (PKA) hardware unit has the ability to resist side channel attacks

● Secure data storage with Hardware Unique Key (HUK)

● Active tamper detection

● Internal monitoring technology can delete confidential data in the event of a tampering attack, helping to meet PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) security requirements for point-of-sale devices (POS).

New Ecosystem Resources

The STM32Cube software suite will integrate the Azure RTOS real-time operating system with support from tools such as STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE, as well as application code examples, bringing more important advantages to STM32Cube, such as excellent performance and industry certification.

The B-U585I-IOT02A Discovery Kit will enable developers to develop a variety of applications to fully explore low-power communication, multi-sensor and direct cloud capabilities. The development board integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, microphones, temperature and humidity sensors, magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes, pressure sensors, time-of-flight sensors, and gesture detection sensors.

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