June 30, 2022, China – Relying on the accumulation and precipitation in the field of serial EEPROM technology, STMicroelectronics is the first in the industry to launch the Serial Page EEPROM (Serial Page EEPROM). This new class of EEPROM is a high-capacity, page-erasable memory with an SPI serial interface that is unmatched in the industry in terms of erase/write flexibility, read/write performance, and ultra-low power consumption. STMicroelectronics’ new serial page EEPROM product family launched the 32Mbit M95P32 in the early stage, and later added 16Mbit and 8Mbit products in due course.
This innovative architecture enables designers to manage firmware and store data flexibly on the same memory, a combination not previously available. Higher memory integration can reduce end-product bill of materials (BoM) costs, shorten time-to-market, increase application value, and enable ultra-low-power modules in smaller footprints that extend battery life. These devices are ideal for implementing all-in-one non-volatile memory for new system designs such as industrial IoT modules, wearables, healthcare, electronic price tags, smart meters, and 5G fiber optic modules.
As a new development, Serial Page EEPROM integrates STMicroelectronics’ patented e-STM 40nm non-volatile memory (NVM) cell technology with a new smart memory page architecture, combining high memory capacity and byte erasing flexibility and high endurance, which not only facilitates firmware management, but also simplifies data recording. The new products also feature short read, erase and write times, and fast upload and download speeds reduce manufacturing costs and application downtime. Fast power-up and quad-output read operations further accelerate application wake-up.
Integrating this new simplified memory optimizes business cost of ownership, improves product ease of use, simplifies software development, and improves product reliability. Serial Page EEPROM is a lower cost non-volatile memory solution than FRAM, consumes less power than Serial Flash, and has better functionality and ease of use than Dataflash products


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