Semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics has announced an extension of its long-term supply commitment for the millions of SPC56 automotive-grade microcontrollers (MCUs) deployed worldwide in automotive powertrain, chassis and body applications.

Luca Rodeschini, general manager of STMicroelectronics Automotive Processors and RF Technology Group, said: "The SPC56 family has endured in the market and remains the automotive MCU of choice for a wide range of design projects, combining computing performance, robustness and reliability. .To ensure long-term support for our customers' new applications as well as those already on the market, we today announced the extension of our exclusive product lifecycle program to 20 years, which means that SPC56 MCUs coming to market in 2014 can at least in the market until 2034.”

ST's semiconductor innovations are driving today's trends in vehicle electrification and smart driving, improving vehicle economy, safety and reliability. ST will continue to develop more advanced, cutting-edge semiconductor products, while remaining true to the company's commitment to the product life cycle to meet the unique needs of customers.

ST's simple porting of integrated designs and market-proven software to new applications saves development resources and costs. Customers can extend the life of their successful products and continue to use the SPC56 general-purpose and high-performance automotive MCUs for new designs.

Technical details

The SPC56 series PowerArchitecture® 32-bit automotive MCUs are available in single-core and multi-core product categories, with high performance scalability, non-volatile memory capacities ranging from 256 KB to 4 MB, and multiple external interfaces to support mainstream automotive communications Connectivity standards, such as LINFlex, FlexCAN and FlexRay™, also include 10- and 12-bit resolution ADCs and multiple DSPI serial peripheral interfaces.

The SPC56 series includes general-purpose automotive-grade MCUs tailored for body and gateway applications. This series of products provides rich peripheral interfaces, including I2C, Fast Ethernet, flexible and variable with watchdog and timer (eTPU, eMIOS) ADC channel. SPC56 high-performance MCU mainly targets chassis safety applications such as powertrain and airbag control, and multi-core processors provide customers with higher performance. Designers developing safety-critical applications can choose products that support the ASIL-D functional safety standard. On-chip safety features include memory error-correcting code (ECC) protection, fault collection and control unit (FCCU), and on-chip failsafe modes.

The SPC56 ecosystem includes several evaluation boards and the SPC5Studio integrated development environment (IDE), providing a resource-rich development framework for developing and deploying applications.

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