FreeRTOS added to stm32cubeide development environment ™ Thread aware debugging enables users to complete project development tasks faster and easier. Today’s embedded system is becoming more and more complex because it integrates various complex advanced functions such as network security, wireless connection, graphical user interface and multi working mode. Supporting efficient RTOS development helps to solve this complex problem.

With the latest software update, STM32 successfully transferred the main advanced functions of atollic truestrudio? For STM32 software acquired by atollic in 2017 to stm32cube ide development environment. Stm32cubeide further expands the software function, and can directly access the configuration function of stm32cubemx to simplify the project setting. Users can select the target microcontroller from the complete STM32 product portfolio, configure GPIO ports, clock tree, peripherals and pin allocation, quickly analyze power consumption, select middleware software stack, and generate initialization code for the target configuration.

Stm32cubeide supports efficient RTOS development

In addition to simplifying microcontroller configuration, stm32c + + ubeidec / C + + development platform can speed up code generation, code compilation and debugging, which is suitable for all kinds of systems from simple bare metal to multithreaded OS. Users can view CPU core registers, memory and peripheral registers, real-time view variables and serial line data, and use build and stack analyzer to troubleshoot, master project status and memory requirements.

Stm32cubeide is free to use. It is based on eclipse? / CDT development framework, GCC tool chain and GNU debugger GDB, and supports all major desktop systems. Users can choose st-link and seggerj link debugging probes from STMicroelectronics, and eclipse ide has a large number of plug-ins to choose from.

STM32 is a registered and / or unregistered trademark of STMicroelectronics international NV or its affiliated companies in the European Union and / or elsewhere. In particular, STM32 is a trademark registered with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office.

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