On August 30, 2021, Shanghai, China – smartsens technology, a technologically advanced CMOS image sensor supplier, officially launched its first 16 megapixel consumer Smartphone Application cellphone sensor (CS) series image sensor product based on qcell technology – sc1600cs, which is the first 1.0 product successfully mass produced by Stevie μ M pixel size CIS strives to provide high-quality imaging performance for the front camera of smartphone.

As the first high-resolution image sensor equipped with qcell technology, the sc1600cs released this time can support 4mp qcell bin image output mode in addition to 16mp image mode, which can better meet the shooting requirements of mobile phone front camera for image brightness and color.

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Sitway qcell technology is launched by CIS, and the beauty of night scenery is within reach!

Qcell bin output mode depends on the innovative qcell technology of Stevie, which is different from the traditional Bayer pixel array. This technology closely arranges four pixels with the same color to realize four in one binning output, which can effectively improve the sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range during night shooting. In qcell bin mode, the sensitivity is greatly increased by 3 times, the signal-to-noise ratio is increased by 13%, and the dynamic range is significantly increased by 8.5db, enabling better night vision imaging effect of mobile phone front camera.

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one μ M pixel size, advanced technology casts high-definition image quality!

In order to meet the current demand for miniaturization of consumer equipment modules, the size of CIS pixels is becoming smaller and smaller when the unit pixel size is ≤ 1.0 μ M, how to solve the direct crosstalk and electrical crosstalk between different color pixels has become a process difficulty. Through years of accumulation and innovation in CIS design and process, steway has successfully broken through technical difficulties and mass produced the first 1.0 μ The M-pixel image sensor sc1600cs significantly improves its color saturation and the definition of highlighted areas at different color temperatures.

Also as smartclarity ®- 2. The sc1600cs is also equipped with the sfcpixel innovated by sitway ® Patented technology and ultra-low noise peripheral reading circuit can present clearer and delicate night vision full-color images in low light environment.


Mr. Ouyang Jian, deputy general manager of Stevie, said: “in order to better enable the front camera application of consumer devices, the sc1600cs released by Stevie this time, as our first image sensor equipped with qcell technology, can achieve clearer and brighter HD images. At the same time, it is also the first 1.0 successfully mass produced by Stevie μ M pixel size high-resolution CIS strives to integrate our cutting-edge core imaging technologies accumulated across many fields to create a higher performance intelligent video solution. “

As a new member of the CS Series 5-13mp products released by Starway in Q4 last year, sc1600cs is innovatively equipped with qcell technology, which can additionally realize qcell bin image mode output, making it perform well in night vision imaging and other performance. At the same time, sc1600cs is at 1.0 μ M pixel size and 16 million high-resolution images can make the front camera have higher quality imaging performance when shooting. In the future, sitway will also launch more consumer products to provide higher performance imaging solutions for more customers.


At present, sc1600cs has accepted the sample delivery and is expected to achieve mass production in November 2021.

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