This year is a special year. At the beginning of the year, a “black swan” incident sealed people’s home and affected people from all walks of life. Recently, after a small-scale outbreak in Beijing was brought under control, the epidemic situation in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which has been strictly guarded for many days, rebounded again, which has to make people pay attention to the protective measures in the post epidemic era.

In this case, all walks of life have also used their own advantages to contribute to the “anti epidemic”. In the early stage of the epidemic, Stender robot quickly responded and accurately set up the project. Based on the mature industrial AMR technology, combined with the industry’s leading laser slam navigation technology, combined with 5g Internet technology, it quickly launched the composite mobile killing robot, which effectively solved the problem of sanitation killing in public areas with a large number of people. In the post epidemic era, it has played a great role.

The stander robot novel coronavirus infection diagnosis and treatment equipment for the epidemic prevention project in Shenzhen has also been successfully evaluated through several rounds of project preliminary review, expert assessment and on-site verification. It is reported that the total investment of this project will exceed 7 million yuan.

In the past six months, stander disinfection robot has brought many conveniences to disinfection work in all walks of life, which not only effectively reduces the risk of personnel contact, reduces the labor cost for enterprises, but also greatly improves the disinfection efficiency of large areas in public places. In the recent press conference (industry and information special) held by the Information Office of Shenzhen municipal government, the excellent performance of stander robot in the anti epidemic work was mentioned many times.

As one of the leading enterprises in the mobile robot industry, stander robot has lived up to the government’s trust and support for stander. While continuing to support epidemic prevention and control, stander also actively responds to government policies and empowers the society with science and technology. Under the guidance of Shenzhen human resources and Social Security Bureau, in the 10th Shenzhen workers’ technological innovation sports meeting and 2020 Shenzhen skills competition – “good technician” robot application vocational skills competition, Stender will go to this robot technology competition feast with you as the co organizer. This time, we will co host the 2020 Shenzhen skills competition – “good technician” mobile robot professional skills competition, which is another important measure for stande to empower the society with science and technology.

Since its establishment, Stender has been focusing on the R & D and production of industrial mobile robots. It has achieved full coverage of independent R & D of core technologies such as robot bottom positioning algorithm, operating system, controller, etc., providing a full range of flexible logistics solutions for many enterprises. In the society, Stender is also very concerned about the development and needs of the country, through its own excellent science and technology to launch products needed by the society, and spared no effort to share with you the technical experience and implementation scheme of mobile robot, which has played an important role in promoting the development of the whole industry.


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