With the continuous development of mobile terminal technology, in order to meet the needs of users for different screen sizes, mobile phone manufacturers have launched folding screen phones in recent two years.

From the hardware point of view, the practicability of the folding screen mobile phone has been greatly improved, but its system still stays in the conventional mobile phone operation logic.

Station B publishes patents related to folding screen display

In this regard, station B has developed a new interactive mode for folding screen display, and disclosed a patent information named “multi process display method, storage medium and computer equipment for folding screen”. The application date is August 2019, and the applicant is Shanghai BiliBili Technology Co., Ltd., and the publication number is cn112395031a.

Patent abstract display: the invention discloses a multi process display method for folding screen, which relates to the field of human-computer interaction technology, realizes the simultaneous execution of multiple processes in the same application display interface, and improves the user experience.

Specifically, it includes the following steps: running an application program and displaying the operation interface of the application program; Monitoring the selection operation in the operation interface, entering the selected first process display interface, and generating the process list associated with the content of the first process display interface according to the first process display interface.

Then, in monitoring the selection operation in the process list, the display screen is divided into a first display area and a second display area for independent display, and the selected second process display interface is displayed in the second display area, and the first process display interface is displayed in the first display area.

According to the patent introduction, the folding screen display patent of station B is very similar to Huawei’s previous “parallel view” for tablet products, and on the basis of it, it realizes that multiple processes can be processed in the same screen at the same time, which will bring more efficient interactive logic.

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