On May 7, the annual maintenance of ± 800 kV Shaoshan converter station of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. was in full swing. The valve cooling system and condenser water cooling system developed by the company apply new water purification materials, water quality lean control device and corrosion protection technology system. The system has operated stably within nearly one year of operation, effectively ensuring the constant temperature control of converter valve and dual water cooling condenser, marking the successful application of key technology of ultra-high pressure water cooling and a breakthrough in the research of this technology.

In 2013, State Grid Hunan electric power found during the patrol inspection of ± 500kV Echeng converter station that the key materials of water preparation / distribution in the valve cooling system are easy to deteriorate, the control of water cooling medium is not fine, metal corrosion and scaling are important safety hazards in the operation of HVDC transmission equipment. The company, together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, formed a technical research team to carry out research on the reliability improvement system of water cooling system.

Relying on the scientific research project “key technologies and engineering applications of high-power power electronic water cooling equipment”, the research team has carried out research in anti pollution treatment, insulation technology, metal materials, rapid evaluation and other aspects. After countless comparative tests between laboratory and field, the team has successfully mastered key technologies such as advanced water quality treatment, equipment corrosion monitoring, metal bionic hydrophobic anti-corrosion and so on, A complete set of water cooling system suitable for new high-power power power electronic equipment has been successfully developed.

The system developed a series of new water purification materials, which doubled the filtration efficiency of hydrophilic antifouling membrane, doubled the antifouling capacity and doubled the operation cycle of high-capacity ion exchange materials; Carry out full performance, simulation accelerated test and manufacturing process optimization, and develop water transmission and distribution devices with excellent weather resistance; Reveal the micro reaction mechanism between water-cooling medium and metal of converter valve, and put forward the core index of lean control of water quality; A series of multi-stage advanced treatment devices are developed to make the water quality meet the standard and remain stable for a long time, and the leakage current is reduced by more than 50% compared with the conventional technology; A dynamic monitoring method of electrochemical corrosion based on frequency modulation is proposed, and a special sensor and on-line monitoring device are developed to ensure that the data acquisition interval is less than 500 seconds and the error is less than 5%; The bionic hydrophobic anti-corrosion technology of marine organisms with enhanced interface was pioneered, the metal corrosion rate decreased by 96%, and the stability time of anti-corrosion film exceeded 2 years; Independently build a multi-source integration simulation platform of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and thermal, realize the rapid evaluation of material, device and system performance, and reduce the design and manufacturing cycle of new products by 2 / 3; Develop a series of water cooling systems for engineering application and scientific research of high-power power electronic equipment.

It is reported that compared with the water cooling system of ABB, Siemens and other foreign manufacturers, the project has comprehensive advantages in technical parameters. It has been authorized with 15 national invention patents, 6 software copyrights, and published more than 20 papers, including 9 SCI / EI papers, 1 preparation standard and 1 monograph. The project has passed the certification of authoritative institutions and has been successfully applied to important projects such as Qishao UHV DC, Brazil Meili mountain and Xiamen flexible DC, and expanded to nuclear power, high-speed railway, petrochemical and other fields; It is of great significance to the safe production of power grid, the efficient utilization of clean energy and the reduction of environmental pollution, and has remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.

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