Recently, the State Grid Corporation of China and China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. signed a business cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. The two sides will further deepen cooperation in the fields of intelligent information infrastructure construction and network information security, marking the establishment of an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging in-depth cooperative relationship between the two sides. Yang Jinbai, deputy general manager and member of the Party group of the company, and Chen Zhongyue, deputy general manager and member of the Party group of China Telecom, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Representatives of the information and Communication Department of State Grid and the government and Enterprise Department of China Telecom signed the agreement.

Yang Jinbai said that the national Power Grid Corp has thoroughly implemented the strategy of “Internet plus” and the “Internet plus” action plan, giving full play to the role of backbone enterprises and supporting the role of power grid infrastructure, and has made efforts to build the “second nets (all business ubiquitous electric power Internet of things)” to integrate with the power grid, and drive the construction of energy Internet, build intelligent enterprises, and create a new situation of power grid development and quality service. To achieve this goal, information and communication is an important development cornerstone, key technology and core driver. He stressed that all units of the company should do a good job in the implementation of the framework agreement; Strengthen the internal management of wireless public network and build a unified, safe, reliable and shared unlimited public network platform; Deepen the complementarity of resource advantages between the two sides and finally achieve win-win cooperation.

Chen Zhongyue said that China Telecom will effectively promote the development of business ecology, network intelligence and intelligent operation, seek to explore the deep integration of informatization and new industrialization, promote the deep integration of information technology and the real economy, and help the State Grid Corporation of China build into a world-class energy Internet enterprise with excellent competitiveness by using emerging technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things and big data.

According to the agreement, China Telecom provides services including wireless communication, voice special line, digital circuit, Internet and security products for the State Grid Corporation of China and its affiliated units, and jointly promotes the integrated application of “big cloud movement” and artificial intelligence in the power grid. At the same time, the agreement focuses on the cooperation of wireless communication business, defines the business cooperation mode of “unified negotiation at the headquarters and sub signing by branches”, and makes comprehensive arrangements for technical requirements, service guarantee, communication and coordination.

Sun Zhengyun, chief information Engineer of the company, presided over the signing ceremony. Heads of relevant departments and units of State Grid Corporation of China and China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

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