CCP games, the studio behind eve online, was an early supporter of VR. With the development of the industry, they launched some VR games. Although it is not actively developing new VR products, the studio continues to support existing products《 SPARC is a 1v1 VR sports game, which has been released on the offline VR content platform springboard VR, so that VR offline arcade users running the platform can use it. Although this game is very suitable for oculus quest, CCP games is still silent about whether it will be transplanted to quest platform.

SPARC landing on springboard VR is a competitive VR sports game

SPARC, released in 2017, is a competitive VR sports game, which can be experienced on oculus rift, steamvr and Playstation VR.

The game has not been updated since 2019, but now CCP Games has introduced SPARC into springboard VR, which is a management and distribution platform for VR offline game devices. Any VR device running springboard VR can now offer the game to its customers.

As a competitive multiplayer game launched in the early stage of VR industry, SPARC has been trying to find a stable player base and keep the number of players rising. With the new head show making great progress in usability, especially the all-in-one oculus quest, SPARC is the game that can benefit from it. CCP is still maintaining SPARC, which indicates that the game may have a chance to appear on quest platform in the future.


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