According to foreign media reports, with a few exceptions, most battery powered multi wing UAVs usually don’t fly for more than 30 minutes. Hybrid systems, however, are not like this – one of the drones equipped with this type of system recently broke its own endurance record. The hybrix2.1 four axis aircraft, manufactured by Spanish start-up company QUATERNIUM, uses a gasoline / battery electric hybrid drive system.

It is said that when fully charged, the flight time of the aircraft can be as long as four hours.

As early as 2017, the UAV version 2.0 flew in the air for a full four hours and 40 minutes, setting a world record. In February this year, the experimental version of version 2.1 exceeded that number, running for 8 hours and 10 minutes. Now, it is reported that it can hover in place for 10 hours and 14 minutes, breaking the record again.

Spain's hybrix 2.1 four axis aircraft powered by electric hybrid can hover for up to 10 hours

The improved UAV has a large fuel tank of 16L, and a fuel injection system is added to the two-stroke engine. It is said that the system built by lweheiser, a Spanish company, is so small that its addition hardly causes any weight or performance loss to the UAV.

In its ready-made form, hybrix2.1 weighs 13 kg, can carry 10 kg of goods or accessories, cruise speed 50 km / h, the highest 80 km / h.

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