Space Technology and Tuya Smart launched: 5.8G microwave radar sensor + Bluetooth networking (SIG-Mesh) zero-code implementation, and launched the Tuya Smart IoT platform! ! !

1. Introduction to zero-code implementation

The 5.8G microwave radar sensor series chip solution launched by Space Technology has the advantages of high integration, high performance, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, and high cost performance. The workload and cost of plug-in MCU docking have been eliminated, which greatly simplifies the needs of lighting manufacturers to access sensorized and intelligent products.

2. The recommended radar module of Space Technology:



1. High integration, small size: 14mm*14mm;

2. The sensing distance can be flexibly set;

3. Digital phase-locked loop with PLL: the frequency point can be set flexibly, and the anti-interference ability of the same frequency and different frequency is strong;

4. Support high-altitude applications (hanging height 10-15m);

5. Support micro-motion detection;

6. Support breathing (presence) detection

Microwave radar sensor light function realization:

The block diagram of the microwave radar sensor lamp scheme:

The technical advantages of the 5.8G fixed-frequency radar solution of Space Technology:

Over-the-air 5.8G fixed frequency solution:

Non-fixed frequency radar scheme (Not recommended

5.8G discrete solution (Not recommended

Advantages compared to the non-fixed frequency radar (2.4GHz-3.GHz) scheme:

  • with high consistency
  • Strong anti-interference ability, reduce the interference of dense installation
  • Use ISM frequency band, occupy narrow bandwidth and avoid conflict with 5G NR frequency band
  • Advantages compared to the 5.8GHz discrete solution:
  • with high consistency
  • No manual debugging required, convenient for mass production

The operating frequency does not change with temperature, and can pass CE and FCC certification

Our radar module is notch processed for the 2.4GHz bluetooth/wifi frequency band, and the attenuation exceeds 30dB to avoid the interference of the bluetooth/wifi module to the radar.

3. Application scenarios:

TCL underground parking garage case

4. Sample application channels

–"Gaptech Radar Module Sample Application:

Gaptech sales contact window: James Tan (Tan Hui)

Tel: 13602662359

Email: [email protected]

–"Tuya Bluetooth networking (SIG Mesh) module sample application:

Log in to the Tuya IoT platform: –"Create a product –"Lighting–"Microwave radar sensor light–"Select 1-5 way induction scheme–"Apply for a sample

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