Pabloair of South Korea has realized the longest flight record of using two VTOL UAVs to deliver medical supplies to yeongheungdo island and jawoldo Island respectively from Incheon port of South Korea for the first time. The round trip mileage is 50 miles (about 80 km), which takes 1.2 hours. Its UAV adopts independent network control system for remote control.

South Korea uses two VTOL UAVs to achieve the longest flight record of delivering medical supplies

In order to ensure flight safety, the two UAVs use three different communication technologies (LTE mobile communication technology, satellite communication technology, radio frequency wireless communication technology) to connect with the terminal at the same time. Through computers, tablet computers, mobile portable communication equipment and other types of terminals, the aircraft can be remotely monitored to achieve continuous online status tracking / control.

Pabloair said that UAV air transportation technology has great potential in the future freight field. The company will continue to develop safer, more convenient and more accurate platforms, actively cooperate with suppliers from all countries, and strive to promote relevant products / services to the international market in 2021.

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