March 1 news, SophosAnnounced plans to combine sophoscinceptx with the Qualcomm snapdragon computing platform. Qualcomm’s snapdragon computing platform enables 5g connectivity and provides performance and efficiency for lightweight fanless laptops with 4G and 5g cellular connectivity based on smartphone technology.

Sophosinterceptx aims to protect advanced computing systems and endpoints, and prevent network security threats through deep learning AI and anti ransomware functions.

The company said that at a time when network security incidents are at an all-time high, this kind of unification can realize a connected and interactive computing environment, combine smartphone and PC technology, and provide security capabilities and opportunities.

By combining sophoscinceptx’s deep learning AI and anti ransomware capabilities with the modern architecture and predictive capabilities of the Qualcomm snapdragon platform, it brings the next generation of enterprise security to the PC environment.

Sophosinterceptx will also:

By using the connection standby function, it can continuously communicate with the PC fleet equipped with snapdragon, so as to reduce the unknown factors of security investigation, and the data will not be missed because the device is offline.

Through the use of AI acceleration by Qualcomm AI engine, real-time compilation of increasingly AI dependent software on the terminal and Optimization for faster and more efficient operation are very important when the terminal is running on battery.

The hardware level trust root is used to determine the device and encryption integrity to create a strong identity binding.

Sophos expects that interceptx, which is used for snapdragon’s computing platform, will be available in the second half of 2021.

Joe levy, chief technology officer of Sophos, said: “a always on, always connected and interactive computing environment, which combines smartphone and PC technologies, brings unique security capabilities and opportunities. Historically, the security incidents of mobile devices are much less than those of traditional architecture driven PCs. This is certainly not because they are not ubiquitous, but because their modern architecture provides overall predictability relative to PCs, enabling application vendors to design high-performance and secure software. “

“The snapdragon computing platforms mark a big step forward because they provide all the practicality and performance of PCs, but also have many advantages associated with modern mobile computing devices,” Levy said. Security loves predictability, and Sophos is happy to be a part of protecting the security of this next generation computing platform. “

Miguel Nunes, senior director of product management at Qualcomm technologies, said: “now, in addition to the always on and always connected PC experience, our 5g enabled snapdragon computing platform also brings the next generation of Security Innovation rooted in our advanced AI and 5g connectivity capabilities. By working with Sophos, we are taking security on devices to a new level, enhancing their industry-leading Endpoint Protection by AI accelerated threat detection on our solutions. We are very happy that Sophos can change computing through the next generation of enterprise class security on the 5g driven snapdragon computing platform. “

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