On March 3, Sony wf-h800 real wireless headset officially went on sale in China at an official price of 1499 yuan.

Sony wf-h800 real wireless headset is on sale in China, with the official price of 1499 yuan

Wf-h800 is the first true wireless stereo headset in Sony’s h.ear fashion series. It focuses on fashion and high sound quality, but it does not have active noise reduction function.

Wf-h800 abandons the bulky body, optimizes the internal structure and redesigns the battery and other components. The weight of a single headset wf-1000xm3 is reduced by about 12%, the main body area is reduced by about 30%, and the weight of the magnetic suction charging box is only about 48g, which is lighter and more convenient to carry.

Wf-h800 adopts 6mm dynamic driving unit inside, is equipped with dsee hxtm digital sound enhancement engine, and supports AAC and SBC advanced audio decoding. In addition, wf-h800 adopts the same on-line technology as the predecessor wf-1000xm3, supports synchronous Bluetooth transmission between left and right ears, achieves high stability and enhances the performance of low audio and video delay, and can be used with left and right earphones on demand.

In terms of battery life, the headset can play continuously for 8 hours, and the headset box can provide one-time charging, with a total battery life of 16 hours. The charging box supports fast charging and can play for 70 minutes after charging for 10 minutes.

The case of earphone and charging box adopts frosting process, and five color matching options are available: green, blue, black, coral and red.

In addition to the wf-h800 earphone, there is also a charging box, a 20cm long type-C cable and a long silicone earplug (SS, s, m, lx2).

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