According to foreign media reports, Sony Playstation London studio, the developer of PSVR exclusive game blood & truth, has started the next exclusive VR project, which may be aimed at the next generation PSVR 2 and ps5 hardware.

Since the early playstage VR, playstage London studio has been at the forefront of VR game development. The studio was once responsible for the playstage VR worlds (2016), which is a collection of mini games and is still one of the best works to promote VR games. The latest project of the studio is blood & truth (2019), which improves the standards of narrative, interaction and image effect of PSVR platform.

Although the studio has not announced the news of continuing to develop VR games, its recent recruitment information shows that the studio is trying to build a VR production team. The seven recruitment messages currently released are all aimed at VR posts, among which the directivity of recruitment words such as “VR technology: game AI programmer” and “VR technology: game playing programmer” has been very clear. We expect to hear the official statement of the London studio as early as mid-2020. According to the emphasis on “exciting combat game playing” in the recruitment requirements, the studio is likely to continue to develop shooting games. Blood & truth just sets a work direction, and the story is likely to have a sequel.

VR’s ambition

Although Playstation London studio has entered the game field since 2002, it has only recently made VR games its core pillar. VR is obviously the core project of the studio’s official website; Some text fragments on the official website highlight the development of VR and the latest recruitment list (including VR product director, etc.), which clearly indicate the direction and ambition of the studio.

The next VR game from London studio may land on PSVR 2

Sony has basically confirmed that the hardware of PSVR 2 is preparing for ps5. As the first Playstation studio, London studio is an ideal choice for developing VR games for the next generation PSVR hardware. In addition, the studio has previously developed Playstation VR worlds for PSVR. If a developer can get ps5 and PSVR 2 development kits in advance to create games, it must be the London studio.

In addition, the recruitment information recently released by the studio includes “VR design: level / task designer” and “VR design: Game Technology designer”, all of which imply that the studio is making the hardware and experience of the next generation of games.

Although there is no conclusive evidence that the next VR game of London studio is made for PSVR 2 and ps5, we can still find some directional clues.

First, timing. PSVR was launched at the end of 2016, and more than three years have passed. Although PSVR is still a leading VR platform, its hardware (including head display and control equipment) has fallen behind. Because London studios focus on developing AAA games, their development time may be at least one year, or even close to two years. Assuming that the studio will launch the next large-scale VR game at the end of 2020 or 2021, if the hardware is not updated, the new game can only use the game console 7 years ago and the VR head display 4 years ago, which is unrealistic.

This is not only good news for the fans of blood & truth and London studio, but also a clear signal that Playstation is still determined to develop VR games, or even more. The whole studio is devoted to AAA VR, which is not a small investment, especially considering that the studio has abandoned the easier and larger non VR game market.

This is not the only evidence that Playstation is still keen on VR. Sony is promoting PS4 and PS4 Pro products and expanding VR content library together with PSVR. Although this is certainly not the main reason for Sony’s acquisition of insomniac games, PlayStation is likely to let Sony witness its innovative achievements in the next generation PSVR hardware. Insumniac is a senior developer of VR games and has produced several exclusive games under oculus, including stromland (2019).


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