Sony, which is full of black technology, can always make different display technologies shine and bring all kinds of surprises to Suofen. After all, Sony has always been “to create moving, and constantly move to the hands of every consumer, and in order to create a moving to maintain the hearts of a better society” as its own responsibility.

Some time ago, Sony announced that it will start a new UAV project based on artificial intelligence (AI) robot technology. Sony has registered the “airport” brand for the project. Sony said it is committed to promoting innovation through the application of imaging / sensing technology and 3R Technology (reality, real time and remote) in the field of UAVs.

According to Sony, airport will support video creators to stimulate creativity to the greatest extent, promote the further development of the entertainment industry, and improve efficiency and reduce costs in many industries. In addition, airport will try its best to support the creativity of video creators, so as to promote the further development of the entertainment industry, improve the efficiency of various industries and save money.

In addition, airport will promote the project to enable UAVs to operate with the highest level of safety and reliability in environments where it was difficult to do so in the past.

Sony will soon release two intelligent vision sensors, namely the world’s first image sensor equipped with AI processing function. Image sensor itself includes AI processing function, which can realize high-speed edge AI processing and only extract necessary data. When using cloud services, it can reduce data transmission delay, minimize privacy issues, and reduce power consumption and communication costs.

Then, Sony and Microsoft worked together to develop solutions for common customers, making AI enabled smart cameras and video analysis systems more accessible and easy to deploy. Through this cooperation, the two companies will embed Microsoft azureai function into Sony’s intelligent vision sensor imx500, enabling it to extract useful information from images of smart cameras and other devices. In addition, it integrates Sony’s leading imaging and sensing technology, including Sony’s original high-speed edge AI processing function, as well as Microsoft’s cloud technology and AI platform, to explore new video analysis opportunities for customers and partners in all walks of life.

Sony launched a new UAV project to apply imaging / sensing technology in UAV field

Sony’s advantages mainly lie in imaging sensors, including mobile phones, UAVs and other products, which use a large number of Sony’s COMS sensors. In addition, Sony is also the largest manufacturer of TOF sensors. However, UAV is not only an imaging system, but also a complete system, including a series of technologies such as control, flight, image return and shooting.

The technology and creativity created by Sony’s diverse talents continue to promote breakthrough progress in the field of sensor development. Sony UAV allows creators to release their creativity to the greatest extent, and create a beautiful society that uses emotion to maintain people’s hearts.

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