In the wet and cold natural environment or in liquid, the aviation plug socket of circular connector often suffers from the dripping, spraying or intrusion of liquid. Therefore, the introduction of waterproof grade can reasonably prevent the problem. Generally, people can use IP code to express the waterproof level of circular connector, that is, IPX (x is a large number from 0 to 8, and the larger the number, the higher the waterproof level), as follows.

Waterproof grade of circular connector: when x = 0 – no maintenance for water. When x = 1 – avoid water droplets. When x = 2 – when the circular connector housing is skewed to an angle of 16 degrees, the water drops into the housing are not endangered. When x = 3 – precipitation, etc. from a 65 degree corner to the casing or water spray, the RF connector is not endangered. When x = 4 – liquid splashes on the RF connector housing from all directions and all angles, there is no harm.

When x = 5 – clean with tap water without any damage. When x = 6 – it can avoid strong gushing water (such as sea surface), which can be used to the natural environment in the cabin. When x = 7 – can be used to avoid short-term immersion of water into the whole process. When x = 8 – continuously immerse under the necessary working pressure, it can avoid complete and continuous flooding, and the water in the whole process can enter the aviation plug connector.

Pay special attention to the following points when purchasing round connector aviation plug and socket:

Don’t underestimate the round connectors, aviation plugs and sockets. Their quality is related to the safety of household appliances and the safety of users. Expert discussion: pay special attention to several points when purchasing round connector aviation plug and socket: ① pay special attention to well-known brands and buy goods from large, medium and small enterprises. This kind of company earnestly implements the national norms, and the product quality is close to each other.

Some tips on the selection of circular connector

② Special attention shall be paid to the marks. The goods shall have “CCEE” safety certification certificate, and the manufacturer’s enterprise name, detailed address and telephone number shall be on the goods; The rated voltage requirements in the national industry standards are divided into 6a, 12a and 18a3 levels. Unless otherwise indicated, the levels are non-standard goods. ③ Pay special attention to “pairing”, and select commodities with rated current and rated voltage consistent with socket switches commonly used in housing. The order of rated voltage from large to small shall be power plug, power plug, portable power socket, power consumption and household appliances, which shall not be disordered. ④ Pay special attention to the power plug. In China, the power plug required by national industry standards is flat, with secondary and secondary power plugs with grounding devices; Cylindrical power plug is an obsolete commodity and does not need to be purchased.

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