The wide range of the concept of “smart home” makes many users’ understanding inconsistent, and even prone to some misunderstandings. Keweiduo has sorted out some understanding of smart home, and let’s uncover the “true face of Lushan” of smart home step by step

Smart home is smart appliances? There are a large number of smart home appliances on the market, which are sold under the banner of smart home. Some consumers are excited to buy them. As a result, they have to install different apps on their mobile phones for control, or learn the operation of different home appliances, which consumes a lot of time and energy, but the experience can not be unified. Compared with smart appliances, smart home is more of a platform concept, integrating security, lighting, door and window control, home appliances and other facilities at home, realizing intelligent control through the Internet of things to ensure a unified and consistent experience, so as to fundamentally improve the quality of life of residents.

Therefore, when purchasing a single smart home appliance next time, it is suggested that residents should pay attention to whether it can be compatible with the existing smart home products and provide a unified control experience! Taking graffiti intelligence as an example, as the “Android” platform in the field of smart home, a large number of intelligent systems of home appliances are developed based on graffiti intelligence platform. Therefore, the control of multiple products can be realized through one app of graffiti intelligence, which is an excellent choice for purchasing smart home products!

Smart home is controlled by mobile app. When it comes to mobile app, is smart home equal to controlled by app? This makes it difficult for people. Different products should have different app controls. There are even unnecessary product functions such as using app to control refrigerators on the market. How does it seem so chicken?

In fact, at present, the interconnection of different products can be realized through different platform protocols such as graffiti intelligence. Taking the smart speaker as an example, we can take the voice recognition of the speaker as the control means. Therefore, in the living room, we can realize many intelligent operations such as turning on and off the lights, opening and closing the curtains, opening and closing the TV through simple voice commands. In addition, many sensors such as door magnet and gas alarm can be connected and set up as long as the app is used for the first time. There is no need to use the app for too many operations in use, which is much simpler and more worry-saving!

Smart home needs decoration? Some consumers believe that smart home should be installed at the bottom of the house, so it is necessary to redecorate the house to use it. On the contrary, they are unable to make up their minds to purchase, which greatly delays the time to improve their lives. In fact, this is also unnecessary. In terms of keweiduo’s whole house smart home package, except that the smart switch needs to be disassembled on the wall, other smart home products can be disassembled quickly. As long as they are installed in a suitable position and set up with WiFi or Bluetooth, they can be used. Without decoration, they can enjoy the smart home life immediately!

Smart home cost-effective is too low? When it comes to smart products, many consumers will have a sense of fear that the price of these products is too high and seems to have no practical effect. But in fact, there are many products that constitute a complete set of smart home solutions. With the improvement of technology, the cost of many smart home products has been greatly reduced and more stable performance can be achieved. According to statistics, the average decoration cost of smart home products does not exceed 20% of the hard decoration cost.

For many single products, the price is not much higher than that of traditional household products. More importantly, the smart home demand of residents can be customized on demand, which is rich and thrifty by people! With the improvement of smart home product technology, the layout of the whole house smart home can also reduce the cost of overall decoration, such as switching on and off all kinds of electrical appliances in time to save power, saving wire expenses due to wireless connection, etc.

Smart home flashy? Many users feel that the function provided by smart home is not a rigid demand. Indeed, at present, the products in the market are mixed, the quality standards are not unified, and the platforms used are not unified, which also gives people the impression of “smart home flashy”.

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