This (17th) morning

Successful landing of chang’e-5

Before the ground search team reaches the lander landing site

There’s one on the air

Lovely pictures

There is a small animal running past the returner

Be the first to arrive at the scene

Solved the case! It's really "Jade Rabbit" meeting "Chang'e"! Chang'e-5 creates 5 Chinese firsts!

Many netizens are guessing

Which animal is this figure

Little fox? Voles?

“Is it a jade rabbit?”

This morning

Liu Pengfei, deputy commander of air search unit

In an interview with CCTV

The answer came out

“It’s actually a rabbit

As netizens said, it’s Yutu, it’s OK! “

He also introduced the reason why he was able to find this cute little girl

It’s because of the aircraft on this mission

Equipped with infrared image capture equipment

“As long as it’s self heating

We can all capture it

This time, are you right?

In the early morning of December 17, the chang’e-5 spacecraft returned to earth, marking the successful completion of China’s first extraterrestrial sampling mission. According to Wu Yanhua, deputy commander in chief of China’s lunar exploration project, the chang’e-5 mission has created five China’s first missions: sampling and packaging of extraterrestrial objects; ignition and take-off of extraterrestrial objects and precise entry into orbit; unmanned rendezvous and docking of lunar orbit and sample transfer; carrying samples back at the speed of the second universe; and establishing China’s lunar sample storage, analysis and research system.

In the early morning of November 24, China successfully launched the chang’e-5 probe, the lunar exploration project, with the long March-5 remote-5 carrier rocket. The probe was successfully put into the predetermined orbit, starting China’s first journey of sampling extraterrestrial objects. On the evening of December 1, chang’e-5 successfully landed in the preselected area near 51.8 degrees west longitude and 43.1 degrees north latitude on the lunar front, and sent back landing images.

Chang’e-5 Lander

On the evening of December 2, after about 19 hours of lunar surface work, chang’e-5 successfully completed the automatic sampling of the lunar surface, and packaged and stored the samples in the storage device carried by the ascent according to the predetermined procedure. On the evening of December 3, the 3000n engine of the chang’e-5 lander worked for about 6 minutes, and successfully put the lander carrying the sample into the predetermined orbit around the moon, realizing the first take-off of China’s extraterrestrial objects. Then, the lander rendezvous and docking with the lunar orbiter assembly to transfer the lunar sample to the lander. In the early morning of December 17, the chang’e-5 lander, carrying a lunar sample, successfully landed safely in the predetermined area of Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia.

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