MicroSD card, also known as TF card, we often call it “memory card”. Although the name is not accurate, it is easy to understand. In life, you sometimes find that your mobile phone or card reader can’t read the memory card, and even prompt you to format your memory card. To tell you the truth, it’s a small matter to replace the memory card when it’s broken, but the data you put in it is priceless. What should we do when the memory card can’t read? Don’t worry, today brings you the solution to the 12 most common faults of mobile memory card.

Fault 1:

Insert the memory card into the computer, the memory card can not recognize the problem. This is often because the memory card is formatted on the computer, but the format is not compatible with the mobile phone.

Solution: put the card back into the mobile phone and reformat it with the format memory card function in the mobile phone.

Fault 2:

You can’t open a web page when you plug in the memory card, but you can when you unplug it.

Solution: unable to open the web page, or the network does not reflect may be caused by a third-party input method, switch back to the original input method, the problem is solved.

Fault 3:

The mobile phone prompts “pull out the memory card, please press OK” to pull out the card according to the prompt, and then insert it into the mobile phone to continue to use, but it will not be long before you prompt to pull out the card again, so again and again.

Solution: the reason for this situation is that the memory card slot of the mobile phone is loose due to frequent plugging in and out of the memory card. You can consider going to customer service to repair the mobile phone, and pay attention not to use too much force when hot plugging the card in the future, or only use the mobile phone to read instead of plugging the memory card.

Fault 4:

The reading and writing speed of the memory card is getting slower and slower, which is far less than when I bought it. It is also a storage device. The memory card in the mobile phone is the same as that in the computer. After a period of time, disk fragments will appear due to frequent deletion and copying, which will affect the reading and writing speed. However, the hard disk format is FAT32 or NTFS, and the memory card in the mobile phone is FAT16. Therefore, the mobile phone through the computer disk defragmentation will often appear a series of errors, serious will be inserted in the memory card in the mobile phone error.

Solution: in fact, we just need to copy the hidden files in the memory card, format the card and copy the files in.

Fault 5:

The phone suddenly asks for the password of the memory card, otherwise it refuses to access. But before did not set, very unfortunately, you may be in the mobile phone virus – cardk Trojan. This small Trojan horse will be perfectly disguised as install.sis ring breaking version software to spread. When you run it carelessly, it will set a password for your card. The password is randomly generated up to 16 bits, and the cracking ability is almost zero. If it is poisoned, it can only say goodbye to the memory card.


A: Don’t accept applications and short messages from strangers, especially things from unfamiliar Bluetooth. It’s better not to download unknown software casually. After downloading, scan it with antivirus;

B: Try to download things from trusted sites;

C: Install a professional virus software in the mobile phone, such as LBE (V big choice) or 360 or Jinshan.

Fault 6:

4GB memory card, copy nearly 3gb files, and then the computer can not safely remove the memory card. After the memory card is loaded into the mobile phone, the display card is damaged. If the card is connected to the computer, the computer does not recognize it. The memory card that copies too much data at one time can’t be deleted occasionally.

Solution: it is recommended to copy separately in batches in the future. If the memory card of the mobile phone cannot be recognized by the computer, the following operations can be performed:

A: On the computer side, the FAT16 format is used to format;

B: Format memory card on mobile phone

Fault 7:

When the phone formats the memory card, it appears that the memory card has been used.

Solution: restart the mobile phone, still try the following steps: shut down, re plug the memory card, boot.

Fault 8:

Many programs in the mobile phone can’t run normally. When the mobile phone is connected with the memory card, it shows that the memory card doesn’t exist and can’t be connected.

Solution: this situation is likely to be caused by the memory card was renamed, resulting in program errors. As long as the registry export, in the computer’s Notepad batch replacement memory card name can be.

Fault 9:

The memory card cannot be used after being formatted.

Solution: first check whether the format is FAT32. If FAT16 is used, you must reformat and select FAT32 as the format. If the problem still exists, you can try to repair it with the disk tool in the computer system.

Fault 10:

Memory card placed in the multimedia photos, video files suddenly do not know where to go.

Solution: connect the memory card to the computer with a card reader, confirm its drive letter, open the start menu of the computer, select run, enter CMD, enter the drive letter of vchkdskh / computer under the MS-DOS command.

Fault 11:

After formatting the memory card, many software can not be used normally.

Solution: before formatting the memory card, the software left in the mobile phone must be uninstalled, otherwise when the same version of software is installed the next time, an error will occur, and the file on the backup memory card will be formatted.

Fault 12:

After the memory card is put into the card reader and connected, the computer will not respond to the crash, and then there are two cases:

A: The computer prompts that the memory card cannot be read;

B: In the long wait, I lost patience, pulled out the memory card, and the computer showed that I could not operate the memory card.

Solution: check whether the card reader is plugged in, if not, replace it. Or format it, or change the card.


It must be noted that the above methods are collected from the Internet, only for the convenience of solving the problems of your mobile phone, and can basically solve the problems of all memory cards. If you think the above method is useful, you might as well collect it in case or share it with your friends.

The above is about the memory card can’t read how to do, memory card troubleshooting, hope to help you!

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