Chiplink’s smart door lock solution uses National Technology N32WB452 series MCU integrated with ultra-low-power BLE5.0 components as the security master, with a semiconductor fingerprint recognition module of Miaokai, and a 13.56MHz A/B card currently on the market.

It can realize various unlocking methods such as key, password, IC card, fingerprint, WeChat applet, etc., solve many pain points and problems of smart door lock products, and provide users with a seamless, financial-level security product experience.

Scheme block diagram

Solution board

Program Features

1. Smart upgrade

  • WeChat configuration
  • WeChat applet operation menu
  • WeChat distribution key to unlock
  • Based on Tencent IoT cloud security, convenience and ease of use
  • Based on WeChat applet, no installation required, no model adaptation problem
  • Third-party maintenance & customer maintenance

2. Security upgrade

  • Asymmetric encryption, security isolation at the deep data level
  • Multiple secure connection technologies
  • Complete solution design using Bluetooth low energy and microcontroller

3. Ultra-low power consumption

  • 4~7 times better than existing solutions

4. 13.56MHz card fully compatible

  • Support all 13.56MHz cards

5. Fingerprints open in seconds, 16KV strong antistatic

  • Area Type FP Sensor
  • ProtecTIng layer coated
  • Uart
  • FPC Connector
  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • ESD ProtecTIon Level:》15KV
  • FAR: 《1/1000000
  • FRR: 《2%
  • Response TIme: 《1S (1~100match)
  • FPC Line length :80mm

Application scenarios

Smart door locks, safe locks, jewelry box locks, traffic locks, glass door locks, etc.

Solution Kits and Support

1) Open schematic diagram, PCB design guide (the first single generation Layout PCB), Bom table

2) The software burns the Bin file

3) Firmware download tool

4) The development and maintenance of WeChat mini-programs are provided by professional operation service providers

5) From evaluation, project establishment, drawing, proofing, testing to mass production, IDH supports and maintains the whole process

6) Device supply:

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