It is reported that lightsource BP, headquartered in the UK, is the largest solar developer in Europe. It recently announced the acquisition of nearly 2gw photovoltaic projects of enerlife, a Brazilian developer, to enter the Brazilian solar market on a large scale.

The transaction is almost twice the size of lightsource BP’s project portfolio, but no specific financial details have been disclosed.

Through this transaction, Miguel lobo, CEO of enerlife and other senior managers will join lightsource to continue the management of the acquired project.

Solar developer lightsource BP enters the Brazilian solar market

The 1.9gw project is distributed throughout Brazil and an unknown number of projects at different stages of development. Lightsource said that the project includes a 180MW distributed installed capacity, which is composed of solar arrays with a capacity of no more than 5MW each; And a 440mw utility project, which is either in the late stage of development or ready to participate in bidding.

Kareen boutonnat, chief operating officer of lightsource BP group, said: “this has laid a solid foundation for us to enter the solar energy market in Brazil. The addition of enerlife team has also enhanced our business ability and experience in Brazil.”

Since the announcement of entering the Brazilian market in November last year, the acquisition of enerlife is also lightsource’s first major move in the Brazilian market. Mario lindenhayn, President of lightsource BP Brazil, said at that time that Brazil’s energy consumption is expected to increase by 60% and the renewable energy market share will reach 47% in 2024. These factors are the main reasons for entering the Brazilian solar market.

“Although we have found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Brazil, we still need to ensure that we have enough strength to realize our aspirations,” said vlasios souflis, director of international business development of lightsource BP

It is said that executives who joined lightsource from enerlife have more than 50 years of comprehensive experience in photovoltaic project development in Brazil, other Latin American countries, Europe and the United States.

Lobo, the former CEO of enerlife, the current business development director of lightsource, said: “I personally look forward to further personal development and progress through the strong financial support, extensive experience and extensive procurement and supply chain relations provided by lightsource BP. This is also a big step to realize the energy layout of the solar energy industry in Brazil. “

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