On January 9, Sogou map released the mobile map ar live driving navigation function in Beijing. This function is based on visual perception and computing power and Ar as the form of expression, so as to realize high-precision navigation. At the same time, Sogou map ar live navigation function has three characteristics of immersion, accuracy and security, and has a wide application space based on these three characteristics.

Sogou map launched ar live navigation, which has a wide application space

In addition, it is worth mentioning that all the computing models used in AR navigation of Sogou map are running on the mobile phone local, which also makes the function do not generate delay from local to cloud transmission, and does not consume many users’ traffic. More importantly, this is more secure for users’ data, but in other respects, after all, all things are done locally.

Ar map navigation prospect

AR technology was once regarded as one of the major technologies that will change social life in the future. However, it is difficult to break through the external technological environment, so that the AR market, which has already been seriously frothing, returns to calm. However, the research on AR technology in the automotive field has never stopped, especially in navigation.

In the current map navigation, there are three main problems:

First, when the user is on a strange road, if the navigation reminds him to turn right at the intersection 100 meters ahead, but the intersection is not obvious in the field of vision, the user can easily take the wrong road.

Sogou map launched ar live navigation, which has a wide application space

Second, at present, there are not many map merchants with map surveying and mapping qualification in China. Therefore, for map software operators, if there are any changes in the local area, such as road construction and road interception, they can not be updated to the map in real time. Only when users navigate to the local area can they find that the road is blocked.

Third, in the face of complex traffic road environment, map navigation with GPS as the main positioning mode can not give specific and clear instructions, resulting in users taking the wrong road, such as Chongqing, a city known as 8D magic.

Based on these three points, in the view of Sogou map, the application of AR in map navigation will have a great impact.

In this regard, Kong Xianglai, the person in charge of Sogou map, said that the introduction of AR technology may be a very important technical direction to change the map ecology in the future. After all, after the introduction of this technology, users can participate in the whole map production process, that is, UGC mode.

At the same time, after introducing AR technology into map navigation software, it can obtain a new ability to perceive the world, that is, to obtain data through vision, which may also bring a completely different new model to the map data production industry in the future.

Sogou map launched ar live navigation, which has a wide application space

In addition, Kong Xianglai also believes that for the hardware market that is now installed, if AR navigation map is embedded in the rear mounted devices, it will not only help build the AR scene of the car, but also facilitate the growth of the product line and product value added by hardware vendors, such as combining AR Technology with HUD, which can effectively increase the value and competitiveness of HUD products.

Finally, for the whole automotive industry, on-board navigation is not only the most important function in the on-board information and entertainment system, but also the most commonly used function by users. Therefore, if AR technology is introduced into on-board navigation, the navigation content can be projected onto the on-board screen, so as to provide users with high immersion, high accuracy and high security navigation functions through the on-board screen.

Sogou map ar live navigation

As mentioned earlier, the AR navigation function of the Sogou map has three main characteristics.

On the one hand, the real scene navigation of Sogou map ar presents the real scene outside the window for users in real time through the mobile camera, which reduces the sense of separation between the navigation content and the real road content and ensures the integrity of the user’s driving process;

On the other hand, Sogou map, relying on its strong visual perception and computing ability, can distinguish the objects in real driving scenes such as lanes, cars, people and traffic signs in real time, compare and correct them with the map model, and mark the navigation information in the real scene by means of three-dimensional reconstruction and overlay rendering, so as to achieve the accurate navigation of what users see is where they are;

In addition, the AR live navigation function of Sogou map mobile phone can also calculate the real-time vehicle distance, and send an early warning to the owner when the user’s vehicle distance is too close, which further ensures the user’s driving safety.

Sogou map launched ar live navigation, which has a wide application space

In terms of specific forms of expression, the combination of ground and vertical arrows is adopted to bring users a sense of immersion and clearer guidance. At the same time, the function can be used day and night and is very clear. In addition, it is reported that Sogou map also combines the object recognition function. The current car has deceleration action. When the distance between the front and rear cars is too close, it will give users auxiliary safe driving tips.

In terms of usage, the main product form is still mobile phone AR navigation, and three aspects of collection, calculation and display are completed through mobile phone. After all, the cost is relatively low. However, Sogou map said that this form still has a disadvantage, that is, because multiple tasks are placed on one device at the same time, the requirements for performance are slightly higher, and power consumption and scalding will inevitably occur.

Sogou map launched ar live navigation, which has a wide application space

For users with Carplay, the AR panoramic navigation function released by Sogou map can be used directly through mobile navigation. In the future, the new version will also transfer the AR effect display part to the vehicle central control platform through Carplay on-board system.

However, Sogou map believes that this is not the best use form at present. The reason is that it still needs mobile phone control, and the mobile phone must be fixed in front of the central control. Users cannot take down the mobile phone to see the message while waiting for the car.

As for the best use in the future, Sogou maps show that the most important thing is to display through vehicle products, such as collecting data through the camera itself or by a traffic recorder. The central control panel shows the traditional navigation route, while the wide view HUD displays the AR navigation content. In this regard, the person in charge of Sogou map products also said frankly that this scheme is a little too ideal. After all, the current HUD technology is not very mature.

Although the above scheme is not yet available, in the short term, the Sogou map believes that the scheme can still be implemented by using vehicle mounted recorder or vehicle mounted camera to complete data acquisition. The AR navigation content is put on the vehicle screen by way of interconnecting the vehicle and the mobile phone, while the mobile phone plays the role of computation.

However, there are many friends in the industry who are developing AR navigation function. Compared with Kong Xianglai, the difference between Sogou map AR navigation and other products is that on the one hand, Sogou map AR real navigation without any third party equipment mobile phone can fix. On the other hand, the product will not consume any more traffic, because all models run locally.


In fact, the current AR technology is relatively mature, but limited by the technical environment, especially the network bandwidth, there are still a few real landing. Ar map can be said to be one of the main directions for the landing application of AR technology in recent years.

However, the delay between the overlap of real scene and virtual scene is always inevitable. However, in Sogou map AR navigation, Kong Xianglai thought that the delay mainly came from the relationship between the models. In the relatively low-end models, although the function can run, there may be delays, which is inevitable. But on the high-end models, the test results are good.

Kong Xianglai said so because his product technology mainly runs on the local end and does not involve big data transmission from local to cloud, so he does not rely too much on the network. In the future, if 5g technology is rolled out on a large scale, there may be models that only run in the cloud.

5g technology can be said to have a significant impact on all walks of life. It is worth looking forward to the development of AR technology after 5g is launched.


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