Beijing, China, December 1, 2020 – the 4-series MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes with super large display and multi available channels provide super insight, and its touch-screen user interface and ultra-high resolution display create a new operating experience for the oscilloscopes. The award-winning Tektronix mso4 Series Oscilloscopes have become the highlight of the oscilloscopes industry. On this basis, Tektronix continues to “light up” the software and hardware without increasing the price.

[highlight one]: add software, and the selected spectrum view software becomes standard

  • Fast completion of EMI test, new spectrum view spectrum analysis function, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional FFT analysis method.

[highlight 2]: add hardware, 1GHz passive probe becomes standard configuration:

  • The overall performance of 1GHz oscilloscope test system is doubled, and the rise time is increased from 700ps to 350ps, which can test tens or even hundreds of M high-speed signals.
  • Multi application test scenarios: high speed bus signals such as Ethernet and USB; high speed ripple signals; rise time test of GaN (with additional options)

[highlight 3]: more powerful software analysis function

  • Custom filtering software, customers can customize the cut-off frequency of signal analysis.

4 series MSO oscilloscopes are suitable for complex system test equipment, with better performance and higher index. When the test results are irregular, 4 series can be used as a reference. With super large display and higher number of available channels of similar products, we can gain unprecedented insight in limited space and create a new operating experience of oscilloscope. 6.1 “(15.5 cm) deep, suitable for limited workbench space; excellent detail design and up to 6 flexchannel input channels, any channel can display waveform, spectrum or both, any input channel can be connected to logic probe to view eight digital channels, up to 1.5GHz bandwidth, 6.25gs/s sampling rate.

Tek049 provides a very powerful heart. The oscilloscope can be used in long storage, high sampling and high-speed data processing to meet the current and future test requirements. When Tektronix 4 / 5 / 6 series products are introduced, the digital signal testing ability of MSO mixed signal oscilloscope is as powerful as the analog channel signal processing ability.

Spectrumview is a powerful spectrum analysis tool, which opens a new time and frequency domain signal analysis. The parallel processing architecture of time domain and frequency domain makes the time-frequency data acquisition independent of each other, and the mobility of spectrum time makes the oscilloscope have the function of multi domain linkage analysis. The spectrum view function of Tektronix’s new 4-series MSO oscilloscope can perfectly solve these problems: the patented sampling technology makes the time domain and frequency domain control not interfere with each other, which is easier to use than the traditional FFT; the signal can be observed from different angles in two domains at the same time; the change of frequency domain signal on the time axis can be observed; the correlation of signal / event in frequency domain and time domain can be analyzed.

Mso4 Series Oscilloscopes with “light” without price increase: the value is more than 50000 yuan, optional variable standard configuration, including spectrum view basic, 1GHz passive probe and user-defined filtering software.

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