SMIC international and efinix, an innovative enterprise of programmable product platform and technology, jointly announced today that SMIC’s 40 nm process platform has successfully delivered the first batch of quantum TM programmable accelerator product samples of efinix. From the use of SMIC international physical design tool (PDK) for product development to the effective delivery of product samples, it took both parties less than six months to create this important milestone with record breaking efficiency. It is expected that quantum TM accelerator products will be put into production in 2018, facing the large-scale programmable accelerator market.

SMIC cooperates with efinix to launch quantum TM accelerator

“This is the first time efinix has cooperated with SMIC, and we are deeply impressed by their full support. SMIC’s commercial and technical cooperation with us has effectively helped us create an important cornerstone for successful product development.” Zhang Shaoyi, co-founder, CEO and President of efinix, said, “from now on, we can focus on key product development in 2018 and accelerate the deployment of our first quantum accelerator product line to serve the global large-scale application market.”

The quantum programmable accelerator technology of efinix can increase the area utilization by four times, which is obviously superior to the traditional programming technology. This breakthrough advantage enables efinix’s silicon products to be competitive in high-speed growth markets such as custom logic, in-depth learning and computing acceleration.

“SMIC’s 40nm low leakage process platform has achieved mass production for more than five years and has more than 220 products. We are pleased to cooperate with efinix to develop quantum programmable technology on our reliable advanced process platform.” Xu Tianshen, senior vice president of SMIC’s global marketing department, said, “FPGA (field programmable gate array) products are very challenging in technology development, but efinix’s quantum technology has greatly promoted its development. We look forward to launching the first product line with efinix and support future joint development and manufacturing.”

He has more than 30 years of experience in the integrated circuit industry. He is the former senior vice president of global operations and engineering of Altera company (now under Intel), Bill Hata, a current efinix consultant, said: “this is the first time I have seen such high efficiency in programmable product development in the industry. The agnostic nature of silicon process in quantum architecture instinctively creates such efficiency. Unlike leading FPGA products, this technology does not need special silicon process to enhance performance and logic element density.”

Efinix is cooperating with a number of customers. Details of quantum programmable accelerator chip products will be announced in the first quarter of 2018.

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