At the Shenzhen Station of the 2021 Security Expo, Image Sensor Company Smartway held a special press conference at the exhibition, introducing 31 new products released this year to the industry, of which security, vehicle regulations and mobile phones accounted for the majority, and also officially announced the industry and the industry. Emerging Sensors Division, and announced 3 new products for industrial applications.

Although the scale of the Expo has shrunk due to the offline epidemic, many leading companies have not attended or participated in large-scale exhibitions, but the demand of the security industry has not diminished. Several executives of Smartway visited the Shenzhen Expo to introduce the company's business progress and new product line of the business unit. Electronic Enthusiasts Network participated in the event as an invited media. The following is the reporter's report.

Smartway COO Ma Weijian (Photo source: Electronic Enthusiasts Network)

Smartway COO Ma Weijian mentioned in his opening speech that the company had a successful meeting not long ago, which is good news for the company and customers. "In the future, more high-quality resources can be used to provide better services to customers," said Mr. Ma. The author believes that Smartway is indeed a very good company for the Sci-Tech Innovation Board. While it is on a good track, there is still a lot of market space left for domestic manufacturers by international benchmarking manufacturers. In addition, Smartway is indeed an original chip factory driven by technology research and development. It is worth looking forward to.

Mr. Ma introduced that it will move to the new headquarters building in Shanghai in November 2021, with more than 500 employees. 36 new products were released throughout the year, mainly in security applications. However, there are also many new products in vehicle electronics, machine vision, and mobile phones and consumer products. After the strong research and development strength, it began to enter more markets.

Smartway's strong travel supply chain has overcome the difficulties of out-of-stock years Source: Smartway

Mr. Ma also pointed out that Smartway did experience some challenges in the first half of 2021, when it was out of stock. Vendor support, upstream supply issues are resolved quickly. In the second half of the year, the shortage problem was basically solved.

Mr. Ma also inadvertently revealed the future new technology route, including 4K Pro and AI 8K Pro. Electronic enthusiast analysts believe that this rigid demand for security must be followed up as a sensor manufacturer. There are also high-sensitivity, ultra-low-light and high-definition night vision full-color, ultra-low noise and high dynamics under ultra-low light.

In terms of vehicle regulations, SC120AT's CIS+ISP 2in1 technology shows that the future ISP chip has been planned in advance in Smartway's vehicle regulation product line.

The industrial field is also a new business unit established by Smartway. The global shutter image sensor SmartGS-2 series SC410GS and SC910GS are used for ITS applications, and the SC350HGS, SC650HGS and SC950HGS of industrial machine vision have won all the high, medium and low demands. In this market, a reporter from Electronic also interviewed Jin Fangqi, vice president of Smartway Industrial and Emerging Sensors, and a special detailed report was launched.

The rapid development of the security market, Smartway seizes favorable opportunities at the right time and place

Tan Yang, vice president of the security chip department, also introduced the progress of the business department at the Expo. First he talked about the fast-growing global security market. "The security CIS market has entered a stage of steady development, and the addition of the three major operators will inject new vitality into the security market, with a growth rate of more than 10% in the next three years." You must know that in the past two or three years, the average growth rate of the market up to 31%.

In the high-definition security monitoring market, the demand for 2K and above will be a blue ocean. The demand for 4K has increased significantly, and the demand for 8K ultra-high-definition has begun to appear.

Tan Yang, Vice President of Smartway Security Chip Department (Photo source: Electronic Enthusiasts Network)

The intelligent development of security requires very powerful algorithms, as well as higher-definition video, lower noise, and better night vision or low-sensitivity clear video. The Star Light series for security can not only achieve 4K high-definition night vision images, but also ensure ultra-low illumination, high dynamic and high signal-to-noise ratio, such as the SC850SL sensor.

The biggest chip beneficiary of domestic automobile intelligence is image sensor

Vehicle intelligence has boosted the shipments of power devices, batteries and processors, and it has also strongly driven the demand for automotive image sensors. At the meeting, Shao Ke, vice president of SmartVision's automotive chip business unit, introduced the market of automotive image sensors and the company's technology and new products in automotive-grade sensors.

Shao Ke, Vice President of Smartway Automotive Chip Division (Photo source: Electronic Enthusiasts Network)

According to YOLE's forecast, the annual shipment of automotive CIS is expected to reach 364 million by 2026, accounting for 7% of the annual revenue of the CIS market. SmartVision's self-developed vehicle gauge CIS can empower Chinese automobiles to be intelligent.

From ADAS to in-vehicle imaging to in-cabin applications, smart car cameras can use up to 15 image sensors. And manufacturers that meet the requirements of the car regulations and enter the pre-installation market will be able to enjoy more dividends from the intelligence of the car. According to previous exchanges between electronics enthusiasts and technical experts in the automotive industry, although the aftermarket market is quite large, the price war has reached its limit. Coupled with the intelligent design of the whole vehicle that is better demanded by the front-loading market, the average profit of 15 sensors entering the front-loading market will be better than that of the after-loading market. Therefore, analysts at Electronic Enthusiast Network believe that this is a market similar to the blue ocean level.

The 2-in-1 automotive-grade CMOS sensor SC120AT with integrated ISP has passed the AEC-Q100 Level 2 certification. The latest SC130AT chip uses the SFCPixel patented technology, and will also be sampled in Q2 2022.

On the technological innovation of automotive sensors, Shao Ke, Vice President of SmartVision Automotive Chip Division, introduced to the media the camera used for ADAS assisted driving, SmartVision's LFS (LED flicker suppression technology), which solves the problem of traffic lights for intelligent driving. Clear identification in different light environments.

And the innovative breakthrough of multi-HDR combination technology. (As shown in FIG)

The product has also passed ISO26262:2018 certification.

Shao Ke also revealed the specifications and market segments of a variety of vehicle-mounted CIS mass-produced products in 2022 at the press conference. The domestic automobile market is huge, and more suppliers will definitely be needed to serve customers in the future. This year's out-of-stocks show that automotive chip suppliers cannot be singled out.

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