Recommendation 1: Apple watch 5 cellular Version (4299 yuan)

If you are an iPhone user, the most recommended smart watch this year is the apple watch 5 cellular version.

The linkage between Apple watch and iPhone still has great advantages. For example, it can switch seamlessly with airpods, so if you have a cellular version of Apple watch 5, you can go out without a mobile phone when you run.

In addition, the heart rate detection of Apple watch has reached the medical standard, which is also the result of Apple’s deep cultivation in intelligent devices for many years. Apple watch also has other functions such as sports mode, offline payment and ESIM.

After all, applewatch has gone through many years of iteration, and the diversity of watchbands is worth learning from other manufacturers. Whether it’s in a serious workplace, party or leisure time, applewatch can almost find the right watchband to match.

In general, if you are an Apple user, the apple watch is the best choice for your smart device, but it is more expensive than other watches.

Recommendation 2: oppowatch46mm (price: 1999 yuan)

Oppowatch is only a rookie in the smart watch industry, but if you are an Android user, oppowatch may be the most suitable choice. Why do you say that?

One of the reasons is playability. Unlike other wearos watches, oppowatch uses the Android based coloroswatch system. Simply put, oppowatch has its own app store and can download apps independently. This is what most smart watches don’t have at present.

The second is that oppowatch continues oppo’s traditional advantage fast charging. Oppowatch supports 7.5W vooc flash charging. It only takes about 50 minutes to fully charge, and charging for 10 minutes is enough for a whole day.

The third difference with other watches lies in the screen and dial. The 46mm dial adopts a hyperboloid screen design. It is not accurate to say that it is a “square” dial. The improvement of texture and sliding experience brought by curved screen is very obvious.

Finally, let’s talk about the dial. Oppo attaches great importance to the dial. It has built in more than 30 dynamic and static dials. It also adds an AI dial function, which is to automatically match the dial by shooting clothes. It’s full of fun.

There are still some functions of oppowatch that have not been mentioned, such as full line support for ESIM, customized sports program, NFC, 50m waterproof, etc. in short, the pronoun of oppowatch is “comprehensive”. There is basically no short board on it. Of course, if you like round watches, I don’t mention it.

Recommendation 3: ticwatchpro4g (price: 1699 yuan)

If you’ve been worried about the range of your smart watch, ticwatch Pro 4G is perfect for you, with a 31 day range.

Why does this watch save so much electricity? The reason is that it has a total of two layers of screens. The top layer is “persistent screen”, which uses “layered display” technology. It is a 1.4-inch monochrome screen. It usually displays an electronic digital dial, and its power consumption is very low. The bottom layer is a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen, which has 400 * 400 resolution for application operation. This product also supports ESIM.

When ticwatchpro turns on the persistent mode, which is commonly referred to as “power saving mode”, it can still display the date, time, steps and power, as well as the NFC function for bus and subway card payment, heart rate measurement and so on. This is also more intimate.

In terms of design, ticwatchpro4g has a bright metal frame and a cow leather strap. The overall style is more business oriented, with good texture and no sense of cheapness.

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