With the progress of science and technology and the development of the Internet, more and more people can’t live without the network, and intelligent products gradually appear in our lives and affect and change our lives. So is work and smart home. A small smart speaker can not only control your home through interconnection, but also bind many network accounts to communicate with your mobile phone, so that you can experience a convenient life, and your personal privacy is also in the hands of Internet manufacturers. Have you ever tried when you search for something on the search engine or buy a commodity on the shopping platform, Or discussed something on social networks. The next day, no matter on any platform or website, it will recommend you the products you have browsed or purchased. The reason is that one of your accounts is bound to your computer, mobile phone and associated with your address book and camera when downloading an app In all these actions, Internet manufacturers are helping you match and analyze your behavior through big data. Finally, they will recommend hobbies for you and even affect your “interests”.

Now, the vast majority of smart home manufacturers are built on the grass-roots level of interconnection. They can master your “behavior” through a small smart speaker and mobile app. Although it brings convenience to you, they are also concerned about your “behavior”.

Is it safe? Mobile phones and smart speakers are associated with your account, bind your mobile phone number, the mobile phone number is through the real name system, and your real name system is associated with your bank account.

Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of electric communication in Japan demonstrated a new attack method, pointing a laser at the microphone of an intelligent device and sending instructions that can be processed by the voice assistant on the device. Researchers have proved that hackers can use lasers to send voice commands to Siri, Alexa, Google assistant and other voice assistants on mobile phones, tablets and smart speakers. In the attack against the voice assistant, the attacker can use the laser beam to carry the voice command to “shoot” the microphone of the target device, and the microphone will demodulate the signal. The device will process the demodulated signal in the same way as the user voice instruction. In other words, hackers can control your mobile phone or smart speaker by using a laser pen, and your smart speaker is often associated with your various accounts, such as the account of the shopping platform, the account of the social platform, etc.

Experts say the attack can be launched with only $600 worth of commercial equipment: a simple laser pen, a laser driver that modulates signals, a loudspeaker that plays recording instructions, and a telephoto lens that focuses a laser beam. In order to launch a more covert attack, the hacker can use an invisible laser to instruct the target device to reduce the speaker volume so that the victim can’t hear the voice assistant to confirm the execution of the command.

When mobile phones, smart speakers and other devices have become the most important tools in our life, they are enough to affect or change your life. Do you want to be “smart” in your life? Of course, the answer is yes. The reason is very simple. It brings us too much convenience. Human beings always seek good luck and avoid bad luck. So how should we “avoid this kind of evil”? The emergence of offline intelligent voice devices can better avoid this “dangerous” problem The reason is very simple. The offline intelligent voice device focuses on offline, that is, it does not need to go through the Internet, which means that we no longer need to bind the account, the device does not need to be associated with the mobile phone, and our personal privacy is only buried in our hearts No associated account is required, so even if hackers attack your intelligent voice products, what do you lose? Unlike intelligent products of Internet type, once attacked, it may reveal too many secrets.

Many industries that use offline intelligent voice in the market are in smart home. For example, the products of haojiasheng brand include intelligent voice lamp, intelligent voice switch and intelligent housekeeper. They are all offline intelligent voice products without exception. While it is convenient for users, it will not bring potential safety hazards of online intelligent products. Next, we recommend an intelligent voice product “haojiasheng intelligent housekeeper”, which is an intelligent central control product. It can control your home appliances, lights, curtains, etc. without networking, you can use it without changing the home electricity.

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