The world pattern in 2020 has made the semiconductor electronics industry far-reaching and significant due to the impact of the epidemic, Sino-US trade and other external environments. Although China's overall market is picking up, the automotive electronics main control chip, which is at the core competitiveness of the industry, is still subject to great checks and balances by foreign semiconductor companies. The supply of regulatory control chips is becoming increasingly tight.

As can be seen from the figure below, the automotive electronics market is developing rapidly in China, with an annual growth rate of 17%. However, the research and development of automotive chips is difficult and the cycle is long, and it is unlikely that domestic automotive chips will quickly complement foreign manufacturers in the short term. With the promotion of new energy vehicles and the spread of the global "core shortage" situation, the lack of "core" has made the entire automotive industry chain aware of the importance of domestic automotive chips, and domestic chips have accelerated to obtain the opportunity for verification and entry.


As a leading 32-bit Arm Cortex-M microcontroller chip and solution provider in China, Smart Microelectronics' MM32 product series has been widely used in the sub-system of the vehicle body after years of development and upgrading. As a replacement upgrade for the original 8-bit MCU.

In the past few years, the cumulative shipment of MM32 series MCUs in these applications has been close to 30 million, of which more than 10 million are used in OBD applications, more than 10 million are used in two-wheeled electric vehicle motors, and more than 10 million are used in system control coprocessor applications. 5 million.

These product lines include:

  • MM32F0010 and MM32F003 value-added MCU based on Arm Cortex-M0, mainly used for window controller, parking sensor module, turn signal and tail light control
  • MM32F0130, MM32L07x with built-in CAN controller and MM32W07x series with built-in BLE function for automotive diagnostic equipment OBD or wireless OBD
  • MM32SPIN series for motor applications, such as MM32SPIN25, MM32SPIN360, etc., are used for automotive fan and water pump control, and electric vehicle motor control
  • MM32F3270 and MM32F103 series based on high-performance Arm Cortex-M3 core, used for color display instrument panel, master control of smart car charging pile system, and co-processor of electric vehicle control system

Application scenarios of automotive electronic MCU

In automotive applications, microcontrollers (MCUs) provide critical performance. With the decrease in price and the increase in the proportion of the overall control system and computing system in automotive electronics, MCUs are gradually becoming more diversified. Microcontrollers are widely used in a growing number of automotive sub-applications ranging from motor control, body control, to infotainment systems, and there is still a big difference in the choice of different MCUs. Therefore, how to choose the right MCU to reduce the cost without compromising the required performance, or even improve the price/performance ratio becomes particularly important. The automotive MCU market is mainly focused on 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers, which can be used in different performance scenarios according to the different needs of automotive electronic products:

The main applications of 32-bit MCU include instrument panel control, body control, multimedia information system, engine control, and emerging intelligent and real-time safety systems and power systems, such as ADAS, driver assistance systems, electronic stability programs and other safety functions, and Complex drive functions or domain control.

16-bit MCU is mainly used for power transmission system, such as engine control, gear and clutch control, and electronic turbo system, etc. It is also suitable for chassis mechanisms, such as suspension system, electronic power steering wheel, torque distributed control, electronic brake Wait.

The 8-bit MCU is mainly used in various sub-systems of the car body, including fan control, air conditioning control, wipers, sunroof, window lift, low-level instrument panel, junction box, seat control, door control module and other lower-level controls Function, has been replaced by 32-bit MCU in recent years.

With the gradual use of the new domain controller architecture in the automotive electronics industry, Smart Microelectronics is also committed to creating high-performance products on the new MM32 MCU platform. On the basis of optimizing processing performance, improving quality, reducing costs, etc., together with more domestic sensor and analog device partners, we will make concerted efforts to resolve the problems faced by the automotive chip industry through the cooperation of the entire industry chain.


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