5g is slowly turning from people’s imagination into reality. It is slowly breaking the original boundary between industries and showing people more possibilities. In April 2018, the first 5g telephone in Shandong Province was opened in Qingdao, and the 5g era of Qingdao has officially begun. Since the beginning of this year, the pace of development of Qingdao’s 5g industry has been accelerating. Qingdao enterprises have started a new round of layout, whether in the construction of communication infrastructure or in the application of 5g industrial chain.

5g application scenarios are intensively landing in Qingdao

5g has three characteristics: high bandwidth, high rate and low delay. In addition to bringing people a faster mobile Internet experience, 5g can be applied to realize revolutionary development in 3D movies, automatic driving, UAV logistics, smart grid, smart factory, virtual reality, smart home and other scenes. Since this year, more and more 5g application scenarios have landed in Qingdao. On March 25, 5g digital indoor distribution system was opened in the waiting hall of Qingdao railway station. Field testers conducted detailed tests in the waiting hall, verified 5g network coverage capacity and various indicators, and provided detailed data support for subsequent network construction and optimization. In the future, with the characteristics of high-speed rate and low time delay, 5g room subsystem can not only provide high-speed Internet services for waiting passengers, but also support the application deployment of smart stations such as indoor positioning, passenger flow trajectory analysis, electronic ticketing, HD real-time monitoring and guiding robots.

On April 5, at the 4th annual meeting of the international society of Cardiology, Professor Wu Yongjian and his team, an expert of Beijing Fuwai Hospital, were invited to successfully perform cardiac interventional surgery in Qingdao Fuwai Hospital, a cooperative hospital, and broadcast the operation live through 5g network. It is worth noting that, compared with traditional surgical live broadcasting, the biggest advantage of this transnational surgical live broadcasting is the introduction of 5g mobile communication technology, which will help to promote the development of medical technology and the deepening of international academic exchanges. 5g enhanced bandwidth (embB) features not only effectively ensure the return of HD live pictures in the operating room, but also have the combined transmission ability to transmit physiological index detection signals of medical equipment.

Smart medical scene landing in Qingdao in 5g Era

On May 5, Qingdao’s first 5g remote driving application was released in Qingdao International academician port. At the driverless demonstration site at the press conference, the six large screens show pictures taken from different perspectives transmitted through the 5g network during the vehicle traveling, so as to facilitate the background driving and control personnel to understand the road conditions in real time and remotely control the vehicle. The driverless vehicle runs flexibly and freely on the road. Like playing with a remote-controlled car, the operator grasps the steering wheel and accurately completes the actions of starting, accelerating, braking and steering.

On May 17, a special 5g UHD live broadcast was unveiled in the flagship Hall of Qingdao Unicom Shandong road. Just a small backpack can carry 5g live studio with you. The live broadcast can get rid of the constraints of wired connection, put a 5g CPE terminal inside, connect the ultra-high definition camera and encoder, and then transmit the video stream to the studio guidance and control room in real time through the 5g network with wide coverage, large bandwidth and low delay. On site shooting can also flexibly move the position and angle. With the help of UAV overhead shooting, 360 degree ultra-high definition video stream can be transmitted to VR helmet in real time through 5g network, so that the audience can choose different positions and angles for immersive viewing.

Qingdao enterprises take the lead in laying out 5g industrial chain

The advent of 5g era has also brought new development opportunities to enterprises, and Qingdao enterprises have begun to layout 5g first. With the help of 5g technology, Qingdao enterprises have started a new round of transformation and upgrading. In March this year, the world’s first 5g smart home laboratory was built in Haier. The laboratory will focus on the application of 5g in the field of home services. It will not only be committed to the Internet Interconnection of home appliances and household products, but also provide users with all-round ecological services such as reassuring ingredients and clothing care. Haier’s first batch of intelligent complete appliances and scenario solutions using 5g technology will be launched in the second half of 2019. Within three years, Haier will build the world’s largest “family cloud” and “home ecology”.

Hisense has already laid out in advance on the 5g industrial chain. In September 2018, Hisense and China Mobile 5g joint innovation center jointly promoted 5g-8k business. 8K video program demonstration was conducted at the press conference site of Hisense R & D center. The measured downlink peak rate of 5g single user is close to 1Gbps, and the peak rate of 5g + 8K HD video single user is 160mbps. A single cell can carry multi-channel 8K HD video services, so that ordinary users can watch 8K and other ultra-hd video programs very smoothly through 5g network at home. On May 26 this year, Hisense held a release ceremony at the 2019 China big data industry expo held in Guiyang and officially launched the country’s first 5g smart block. In the smart block, big data and artificial intelligence are blessed from small to well covers. It is understood that the smart block adopts the integrated construction mode, with more than 10 kinds of intelligent facilities such as intelligent well covers, intelligent fire hydrants and bridge monitoring, and the status of all equipment is clear at a glance. If the equipment is abnormal, the data will be transmitted to the intelligent control platform of municipal facilities in real time, and the system will automatically send orders to the nearby operation and maintenance personnel for disposal, so as to achieve accurate and efficient management.

The first “5g smart tower” developed and produced by Qingdao photon Smart Technology Co., Ltd. has officially landed in Qingdao rail transit industry demonstration zone, marking that Qingdao has been in the forefront of the country in the construction of 5g application scenarios. 5g smart tower evolved from traditional light poles. Through innovative design and information technology integration, 5g communication base station, intelligent traffic monitoring, AI object recognition, intelligent LED lighting, intelligent environment monitoring, intelligent tram charging and other information functions are effectively integrated and installed on the original municipal street light pole, To achieve three-dimensional coverage of information and functions and resource sharing. In addition, Qingdao photon 5g smart tower has its own “heart” to manage and control the data and information collection, AI processing, storage, reception and transmission under various application scenarios. The large-scale promotion and application of Qingdao photon 5g smart tower will have a revolutionary impact on the existing smart city and supporting market.

5g industry seeks development together

With the landing of many 5g applications, enterprises in Qingdao 5g industrial chain began to seek development together. On May 18, the first 5g Industrial Park in Shandong Province was launched in Chengyang District, Qingdao. The construction area of phase I of the park is about 4200 square meters. Relying on the national 5g scale networking and application demonstration project, the park will accelerate the construction of 5g industrial innovation center and 5g development and testing platform, introduce and develop innovative 5g commercial application enterprises, cultivate and develop 5g basic industries such as high-speed intelligent sensors and edge computing chip integrated circuits, so as to achieve key support for the whole industrial chain, Build an influential 5g Innovation Industrial Park in China. Combined with the construction of “the city of the future”, Chengyang District actively promotes the development of 5g industries such as Internet of vehicles, municipal transportation, public safety, new entertainment media, education and medical treatment, and creates a global 5g commercial demonstration pilot area.

On April 9, the Management Committee of Qingdao high tech Zone, Qingdao Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. and ZTE Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a 5g industrial ecosystem in Qingdao high tech Zone, accelerate the full coverage of 5g network in the region and fully promote the development of the park. According to the agreement, the three parties will give full play to their resource advantages in talent, technology and market in their respective fields, conduct extensive strategic cooperation, and jointly study and explore 5g based business application scenarios; Carry out in-depth cooperation in 5g network construction, 5g innovative application, subject application, scheme research and relevant standards, accelerate the R & D and commercialization process of 5g new applications, and jointly build 5g industry application demonstration. In addition, the three parties also jointly explore the in-depth integration of 5g, artificial intelligence, big video, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with relevant industries, and conduct extensive and comprehensive cooperation at the levels of overall solutions, pilot demonstration, market development, project promotion, implementation and delivery, operation services and so on.

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