With the passage of time, the problem of population aging in China is becoming more and more serious, and pension has become an unavoidable topic.

In the government work report in 2019, the elderly care service was placed in an important position, and it was proposed to vigorously develop the elderly care, especially the community elderly care service industry, give tax relief, financial support, water, gas and heat price concessions and other support to institutions providing day care, rehabilitation care, meal assistance and other services in the community, and build community elderly care service facilities in new residential areas. Pension service is not only to solve the food, clothing, housing, use and medical needs of nearly 300 million elderly people in China, but also an important measure to promote the development of domestic health care market and release the potential of domestic demand. Only with the development of relevant service industries can the elderly live a more stable and happy life in their later years.

What problems and challenges still exist in the current situation of pension in China?

Smart medical care on the stage, with huge demand for elderly care consumption

Huge demand for pension consumption

With the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, in addition to the demand for health services, many elderly people not only demand the quality of products, but also put forward new demands for personalization and diversification. Flexible soup spoon, magnifying glass with LED lamp, foldable anti-skid walking stick, various anti bedsore pads, large bath aid equipment, finger grip… A variety of elderly products.

In addition, as more and more cities join the pilot of long-term care insurance, in addition to the health pension consumption with the purchase of products and services as the content, the financial and insurance health pension consumption represented by long-term care insurance for the elderly is also rising everywhere. This kind of financial pension model is generally based on: the premium is composed of three parts: government subsidy, medical insurance fund transfer and individual payment, focusing on reducing the cost burden of basic living care for severely disabled persons.

Smart pension to improve quality

Although the current construction of health and elderly care service system has achieved some results, it is not balanced between urban and rural areas, and the investment and construction of rural elderly care service lags behind that of cities and towns. At the same time, it is difficult to find a bed for nursing elderly care institutions, and the low level of service specialization of some elderly care institutions still exists.

In the Internet plus era, point the day and await for it to promote the integration and development of Internet and health care industry. With the further development of Internet, Internet of things, big data, grading treatment, smart hospitals, telemedicine and other industries, it is just around the corner to get services such as convalescence, abnormal body index detection and so on. At the same time, technological progress may also meet the life vision of Chinese elderly people who are emotionally “hard to leave home” and “providing for the aged at home”.

At present, intelligent health devices have also begun to enter ordinary people’s homes and are widely used in the field of elderly care.

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