The development of logistics industry has been accelerated, and the speed of enterprise procurement, warehouse, sales, distribution and other links has been accelerated. With the continuous optimization of intelligent warehouse management, the intelligent logistics warehouse management system can integrate the management of warehouse and logistics, greatly promote the turnover rate of goods and capital, and improve the production efficiency. For a manufacturing enterprise, a large number of commodity assets are kept in the warehouse. The key of modern warehouse management is to optimize the warehouse management requirements, simplify the warehouse management process, and improve the warehouse management ability. RFID has become an intelligent means to improve the warehouse management ability.

Using RFID technology as an important technology of warehouse management system can significantly improve the level of warehouse and logistics management technology. Enterprises can obtain a good rate of return on investment. In the future, it can more effectively avoid and reduce the repeated investment in enterprise information upgrading. RFID warehouse management system uses advanced RFID technology to paste electronic labels on the warehouse goods and paste electronic labels on each batch of goods An identification, identifying the pallet, linking the goods to the pallet. Then, an antenna and a reader are set on the door of the warehouse. When the goods tray passes through the door, the label is read by the reader. The quantity of goods in and out is known by calculating the number of labels. The warehouse software is used to automatically process the in and out of the warehouse and complete the operation of automatic in and out of the warehouse.

Smart Logistics: RFID has become an intelligent means to improve warehouse management

The main functions of RFID warehouse management solution are as follows:

1。 Intelligent inventory

Inventory checking is time-consuming for the warehouse. Employees are required to open the product bar code and scan the code for inventory checking. RFID is used for RFID. As long as the business takes the inventory machine to walk the product, it actively scans and identifies it.

2。 Quick search for items

Use RFID gun to identify the frequency of fast positioning products.

3。 Batch reception

When the goods are delivered to the warehouse, they are received in batches by RFID.

In the past, the warehouse management was carried out by hand, the recording methods were complicated and inefficient, and the human factors were big, so the accuracy was not high, and it was easy to forge data, which led to the waste of human resources and high management and maintenance costs. In addition, it is difficult to ensure the correctness of receiving, inspection and delivery, resulting in inventory, delivery delay and further increase of cost. RFID technology provides real-time, fast and accurate warehouse operation and inventory information, implements timely, accurate and scientific decisions, and realizes full automation, digitization and real-time of warehouse management platform.

RFID technology can quickly and accurately identify single or multiple goods, use RFID handheld terminal or fixed reader equipment to complete batch or micro operation of goods, combined with advanced background management system, through real-time monitoring of the overall production status and inventory status of the warehouse, all-round automatic collection of incoming inspection, warehousing, delivery, adjustment, transfer and inventory of the warehouse The collected data will be uploaded to the background system in real time and stored in the warehouse

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